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Meet Gabriela Leite (02:07)


Gabriela Leite is one of 823 candidates running for 46 seats on the Brazilian Congress. As an activist for over 30 years, she founded the prostitute movement in Brazil.

Retired Prostitute (03:35)

Leite's book "Daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Whore" tells her story about becoming a prostitute. Leite becomes the governor's candidate for the Green Party.

Campaign Party (02:59)

Leite gives her opening speech. She states only 6% of the Brazilian government is women.

Campaign Finances (02:38)

Leite does not rely on money for her campaign. She uses her past publicity, the issues, help from volunteer staff, and her notoriety as founder of Daspu.

Buying Support? (03:38)

Leite visits the Council of Theologians; they can provide many votes for the right price; she declines sticking to the foundation of her campaign.

Campaigning is Finished (03:24)

Unsure of how the results will look, Leite anxiously waits for the elections to be over.

Election Day (03:47)

Exercising her right to vote Leite goes to the polls; she votes for herself.

Voting Results (03:34)

Leite watches as her dream slips away; 1,216 people vote for her but it's not enough to elect her to council.

Leite Lashes Back (01:37)

In an email, Leite confronts the congress that did not elect her.

Credits: A Kiss for Gabriela (01:14)

Credits: A Kiss for Gabriela

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Gabriela Leite is the first sex worker to run for Brazilian Congress. A Kiss for Gabriela follows her 2010 campaign, as she faces 822 opponents and challenges Brazil's male dominated political system, to see if a sex worker, activist, wife, mother, and cultural icon can beat the odds and win the election. With English subtitles.

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