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Building Pharaoh's Chariot Intro (02:14)


This segment orients viewers to the Egyptian chariot; a team of experts will recreate the ancient war machine. (Program sponsors)

New Kingdom, 1550 BCE (02:52)

A soldier's tomb depicts the war against the Hyksos and the implementation of the chariot. In the years that followed, tombs and temple walls were adorned with chariots.

Plans for a Working Egyptian Chariot (02:31)

Robert Hurford discusses chariot challenges. Kathryn Hansen will make the harness. Mike Loades will explore the chariot as a weapons system. They meet the carpenter, Abdou.

Chariots Make Their Way to Egypt (02:33)

Horse domestication and chariot building began about bout 4,000 BC. See a basic Egyptian chariot. Hurford locates a wood steam-bender to form the chariot pieces.

Egyptian Chariot Technology (02:27)

Bela Sandor studies chariots found in Tutankhamun's tomb; Egyptians created the first high performance vehicle. Hansen examines an ancient bronze horse bit and images of the chariot in action.

Chariot Woods (02:24)

Hurford selects mulberry for the wheel and beech for the poles and the body. He and Sandor discuss the joint above the axle.

Building the Egyptian Chariot (02:07)

Hurford and Abdou make the floor frame, wheel hubs, and axle. Hansen and Sayed Maksoud find two pairs of horses to pull the chariot.

Luxor, Egypt (02:27)

Hurford and Hansen examine paintings and reliefs in the tombs of ancient nobles and officials. They locate images of chariots and chariot building.

Egyptian Harness (01:06)

Hansen brings her designs to harness makers in Cairo; they begin cutting the leather to her specifications.

Chariot Evolution (02:52)

Hurford and Hansen identify significant changes in tomb reliefs and paintings. Sandor discusses the improved axle positioning and increased wheel spokes.

Egyptian Chariot Wheels (02:16)

Hurford works with steam-benders to create the V-spokes and rims. He and Abdou begin to assemble the wheels.

Tuthmosis III's Chariot (02:09)

Egyptologist Steven Harvey explains the reliefs showing the pharaoh's victory at Megiddo. Hurford and Hansen agree to base their replica on this chariot.

Electrum Chariot (02:00)

At the Cairo Museum, Hurford and Hansen find a harness and pieces of a front leather panel from ancient Egypt. Hurford decides to make two chariots.

Chariot Wheels (01:44)

Bela Sandor examines Hurford and Abdou's wheels. They test the strength of the wheels and hubs.

Main Pole of the Chariot (02:05)

Steam-benders struggle to create two S-shaped poles; they both crack. Hurford decides to repair one of them.

Chariot Difficulties (02:01)

Hansen finds the leather harness too big, but is happy with the bridle and bit. Hurford lashes the chariot together with rawhide and weaves the chariot floor.

Leather Chariot (04:57)

Hansen and Hurford disagree on the rigidity of the yoke. Testing reveals problems with the neck forks. Steam-benders successfully make the main pole for the electrum chariot.

Testing in Dashur (03:06)

The team watches as Loades tests the leather chariot; the harness initially causes problems.

Testing the Chariot as a Weapon (02:32)

The horses pull the chariot at 24 mph. The team watches as Loades tries to hit a target from the moving chariot using a bow and arrows.

Pharaoh's Battle Chariot (02:55)

Experts work on the final details of the electrum chariot. The team watches as Loades tests battle tactics in the chariot.

Chariot Battle (02:53)

Ramesses II battled against the Hittites at Kadesh; both sides claimed victory. The team reflects on what they have learned about the chariot.

Credits: Building Pharaoh's Chariot (01:06)

Credits: Building Pharaoh's Chariot

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In this program, a team of archaeologists, engineers, woodworkers, and horse trainers join forces to build and test two highly accurate replicas of Egyptian royal chariots. They discover advanced features, including spoked wheels, springs, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, and even a convex shaped rear mirror, leading one of them to compare the level of design to the engineering standards of 1930’s-era Buicks!

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