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Never Forget a Lie Intro (01:59)


This segment orients viewers to Marian Marzynski and other Holocaust survivors' return to the ghetto. (Sponsors)

Marian Marzynski's American Home (02:07)

Marzynski discusses his art collection and its significance. He looks through old footage and reflects on his childhood.

Marian Marzynski Returns to Warsaw (02:41)

28,000 Jewish citizens survived the Holocaust. Marzynski wanders the ghetto and recalls soldiers forcing his family behind the walls.

Marian Marzynski's Warsaw Apartment (02:00)

Marzynski speaks with the current resident. He recalls moving every three or four months to avoid the Germans; the resident recalls being deported to Germany.

Annual Warsaw Gathering (02:23)

Holocaust survivors share their childhood memories of the ghetto with Marian Marzynski.

Return to a Haunted Past (03:33)

A Holocaust survivor wanders the ghetto and sobs. She shares some of her difficult memories.

Feelings of Incarceration (03:13)

A Holocaust survivor shares her feelings and memories of the Warsaw ghetto; her father saved her and her mother from being shot.

Hiding With the Christians (04:02)

Marian Marzynski shares his earliest memory. He recalls his mother joining him on the Christian side of the ghetto and her attempt to get him to a charity worker.

11-Years-Old in the Ghetto (02:50)

A Holocaust survivor shares her memories of living in the Warsaw ghetto and recalls a soldier grabbing her.

Remembering Young Marzynski (03:27)

See footage of Marian Marzynski's reunion with a Christian friend thirty years ago. Marzynski recalls the discovery of his identity and living with a priest.

Catholic Orphanage (01:55)

Marian Marzynski recalls living at the orphanage run by the Brothers of Orione. See Marzynski's reunion with one of the sisters, thirty years ago.

Comfort in Religion (02:30)

Marian Marzynski recalls wanting to become a priest and his mother taking him back to Warsaw.

Krakow Jewish Festival (02:49)

Marian Marzynski watches young Poles dance in the streets of the former Krakow Ghetto. Ed Herman recalls living in Katowice.

Saving a 10-Year-Old Boy (03:08)

Ed Herman recalls moving to Krakow and riding the tram. His mother arranged for him to cross the Polish-Slovak border.

Hiding in Krakow (03:53)

Halina Kramarz revisits her old home. The current owner recalls Halina and her family. They look through an old book of tenant records.

Number 27 on Ulica Pilsudskiego (02:12)

Halina Kramarz recalls relearning that she was Jewish.

Treblinka (04:06)

Marian Marzynski and Ed Herman are cousins. Both men had loved ones sent to the gas chambers. Marzynski's father escaped but was later killed; Marzynski explains how his father saved his life.

Dear Father... (02:06)

Marian Marzynski describes his life since his father died. He recalls becoming an "agent of Western imperialism" in 1969 and marrying Grazyna.

Religious Survival (01:54)

Marian Marzynski shares his feelings on religion and reflects on returning to a painful past. See images of Warsaw.

Additional PBS Resources (00:32)

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Credits: Never Forget to Lie (01:57)

Credits: Never Forget to Lie

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Never Forget to Lie

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In his latest film, Marian Marzynski returns to the Warsaw ghetto of his childhood and tells the extraordinary story of how he as a Jewish boy escaped the Holocaust, hiding from the Nazis, and surviving the war as an altar boy in a Catholic monastery. In a deeply moving and personal film he shares the poignant, painful recollections of other child survivors, many of whom are visiting scenes of their childhood for the last time.

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