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Architectural Innovation (01:29)


Geoffrey Baer will explore ten pioneering buildings that changed America's cultural and urban landscape.

Sponsor Message: 10 Buildings That Changed the World (00:48)

Sponsor Message: 10 Buildings That Changed the World

Virginia State Capitol (02:13)

Learn how Thomas Jefferson's classical style design represented architectural independence from Britain.

Maison Carrée (01:36)

Learn how Jefferson designed the Virginia State Capitol after a Roman temple in France.

Classical Temple Architecture (01:51)

Learn how Jefferson's Virginia State Capitol design inspired other government buildings during the nation’s infancy.

Trinity Church (01:50)

Boston's landmark pioneered Richardsonian Romanesque style. Learn the architect's intentions to attract a large congregation.

Engineering Trinity Church (01:03)

Learn how Richardson's original tower design was altered for structural integrity.

American Renaissance (01:36)

Learn how Richardsonian Romanesque architecture embodied the post-Civil War spirit and inspired buildings across the nation.

Wainwright Building (01:39)

Louis Sullivan's Saint Louis skyscraper drew on earlier architectural innovations, including skeleton frame construction and elevators.

Skyscraper Pioneer (01:20)

Learn how Sullivan revolutionized tall building design. Frank Lloyd Wright recalls drafting the Wainwright Building.

Tripartite Design (02:13)

Learn how Sullivan's Wainwright Building emphasizes the steel frame for visual effect—inspiring a century of skyscrapers.

Prairie Style Houses (01:16)

Learn how Frank Lloyd Wright's designs departed from Victorian architecture and fit into the Midwest landscape.

Robie House (02:40)

Wright's 1910 Chicago design emphasizes drama and features an open floor plan—departing from the Victorian style of home architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Legacy (01:21)

Learn how the Robie House inspired ranch-style suburban architecture throughout the U.S.

Highland Park Ford Plant (02:17)

Learn how Henry Ford commissioned Albert Kahn to build an open, daylight industrial space for his Model T assembly line.

Engineering an Assembly Line (02:17)

Learn how Ford's Highland Park plant revolutionized industrial production. He and Kahn improved on the design and inspired 20th century factory architecture.

Southdale Center (01:42)

Learn how socialist architect Victor Gruen designed the Edina, Minnesota mall as a response to suburban commercial strips.

Suburban Mall Formula (03:27)

Learn how Gruen's indoor retail space revolutionized the American shopping experience. Despite his community vision, Southdale Center replicas promoted sprawl.

Seagram Building (02:20)

Learn how Phyllis Lambert contracted Mies van der Rohe to design the New York headquarters of her father Samuel Bronfman's company.

International Style Architecture (03:38)

Mies van der Rohe's modernist aesthetic was attractive to corporate America. Learn how the Seagram Building's plaza inspired similar urban designs.

Dulles International Airport (01:33)

Eero Saarinen's modernist design captured '60s excitement around air travel.

Dulles "Hammock" Roof (03:02)

Learn how Saarinen's airport design used passenger transport "lounges" and combined modern and classical elements to represent a gateway to Washington, D.C.

Vanna Venturi House (01:14)

Learn how Robert Venturi's postmodern Philadelphia home sparked an architectural debate.

Complexity and Contradiction (03:33)

Venturi believed modernist minimalism was limiting. Learn how whimsical elements in his home design represent postmodern architecture.

Postmodernist Architecture (01:03)

Learn how Robert Venturi's Vanna House inspired "cheap" imitations.

Walt Disney Concert Hall (01:56)

Acclaimed U.S. architect Frank Gehry reflects on winning the design competition for the Los Angeles music venue.

Architectural Technology (02:25)

Learn how Gehry used computer software to created an acoustically interactive music hall with an exterior inspired by sailing.

21st Century American Architecture (01:34)

Gehry's pioneering technology and creative spirit offer a new model for public building design. Learn how he continues a U.S. tradition of reinventing design.

Credits: 10 Buildings That Changed the World (01:30)

Credits: 10 Buildings That Changed the World

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This film tells the stories of ten influential works of architecture, the people who imagined them, and the way these landmarks ushered in innovative cultural shifts throughout our society. From American architectural stalwarts like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, to modern revolutionaries Frank Gehry and Robert Venturi, this film examines prominent buildings designed by pioneering architects of our time, whose legacy is visible in our environmental and cultural landscape. (57 minutes)

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