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Introduction: Mind Over Matter: Redesign My Brain (01:14)


In this 3rd and final episode, Todd Sampson will execute a Houdini-like escape, learn about body intelligence, and how to visualize and harness emotions.

Under-water Escape (03:35)

Alexandria the Great demonstrates the power of the mind by holding her breath and remaining calm while freeing herself from chains and weights.

Physical Fitness Test (02:05)

Todd Sampson undergoes the Navy Clearance Diver test.

Autonomic Nervous System Test (03:01)

Todd Sampson undergoes a bio-feedback test to track stress responses.

Test Results (01:59)

Todd Sampson scores well on physical fitness, but needs to work on diaphragmatic breathing.

Breath Holding Exercise (02:10)

Free diver Ant Williams shows Todd Sampson how to completely fill his lungs.

Underwater Breath Hold (03:29)

Todd Sampson tries to hold his breath for one minute. Ant Williams says tension affects performance.

Visualization Test #1 (03:10)

Todd Sampson throws darts while connected to a machine that tracks his gaze and arm muscle efficiency.

Translating Thoughts into Commands (03:44)

Using a multichannel high resolution EEG machine, Tan Le makes a mini-helicopter fly.

Mental-Duel Car Race (01:28)

Tan Le and Todd Sampson use brainwave technology to control toy cars.

Abdominal Contraction Exercise (03:10)

Todd Sampson stays underwater through three breathing contractions with guidance from Alexandria the Great.

Escapology Training (02:10)

Todd Sampson learns more about the 25 ft. chain and combination locks he will need to remove for his underwater escape.

Managing Emotions (03:05)

Todd Sampson learns about the science of emotional intelligence from Sue Langley. She assesses how aware he is of his emotions.

Emotion Physiology Test (02:54)

Sue Langley guides Todd Sampson through an exercise to see if he can shift his emotions from one to another. She measures his coherence ratio.

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (04:22)

Todd Sampson uses black out goggles and relies on physical reference points to escape.

Underwater Escape Trial Run (02:26)

Todd Sampson successfully unchains his hands and feet but is unable to hold his breath for 2 minutes.

Visualization Test #2 (02:07)

Todd Sampson shows improvement in eye-tracking ability and arm muscle efficiency in this second dart throwing exercise.

Second Bio-Feedback Test Results (02:19)

Todd Sampson learns about his improved test scores and coherence ratio.

Brain Scores After Training (02:06)

After three months of training, experts scan Todd Sampson's brain to document changes. Dr. Michael Merzenich says the brain can rewire at any age.

Emergency Medical Staff (02:36)

At the poolside, medical experts are ready to rescue Todd Sampson if need be. Sampson takes a moment for visualization.

Applying Chains & Locks (02:35)

While getting chained up, Sampson describes an incident the week before where he was unable to remove the locks and had to be rescued.

Death-Defying Underwater Escape (02:32)

See Todd Sampson release himself from chains secured by five combination locks.

Final Thoughts: Redesign My Brain: Mind Over Matter (01:02)

Dr. Michael Merzenich is excited about the revolution of brain plasticity medicine. Todd Sampson reminds us that anyone can improve their brain.

Credits: Redesign My Brain: Mind Over Matter (00:48)

Credits: Redesign My Brain: Mind Over Matter

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Mind Over Matter: Redesign My Brain

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This program features Australian Institute of Sport expert Dr. David Martin as he teaches host Todd Sampson the X-factor that turns ordinary folks into champions. Todd improves his mind-body connection, the ability to visualize, and his emotional intelligence. He then faces his greatest fear—being chained, handcuffed, and blindfolded underwater—with only his improved brain to help him do a death-defying escape.

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