Segments in this Video

The Quest for a Better Brain (02:00)


The brain is the most sophisticated machine known to man and creativity its most powerful asset.

Learned Creativity (04:29)

Dr. James Kaufman looks into the workings of Todd Sampson's brain.

Testing Creativity (02:26)

Dr. Kaufman gives Sampson scores to his three creativity tests.

Train Your Brain (02:03)

Dr. Kaufman offers tips to increase divergent thinking. 1. Do a different divergent thinking task each day. 2. Try something new each day. 3. Do something creative each day.

Analysis and Creative Thinking (01:48)

Mark Beeman distinguishes how analysis and insight work differently in the brain.

Remote Associates Test (02:26)

Mark Beeman uses a scanner to test Todd Sampson's analysis and insight.

Results to the Remote Associates Test (01:50)

See Todd Sampson's brain as it works and processes two different thinking styles.

Optical Illusions (02:52)

Learn how Professor Bernd Lingelbach looks at optical illusions through mindset.

Innovation (03:10)

Innovation and practical thinking are an important part of engineering and similar fields of study.

Building a Mouse Trap Powered Wheeled Vehicle (02:49)

Dr. Cropley tests Todd Sampson's innovation; see part of this 2-hour test.

Think Outside the Box (04:23)

Dr. Cropley scores Todd Sampson's product based on innovation. Think outside the box and forget the rules are Todd Sampson’s goals for the next 30 days.

Intuitive Information (05:22)

Janet Echelman senses we receive but don't pay attention to information from our body. She trained herself to listen to that intuition to enhance her everyday creativity.

Dr. Allan Snyder at the Center for the Brain (04:34)

Dr. Allen Snider uses electricity to suppress the left temporal lobe so Todd will get unfiltered access to the right lobe's input.

Mindsets (01:14)

Electrical current temporarily suppresses the left anterior temporal lobe and the brain's filter. Sampson then gets uncensored raw information of the right anterior temporal lobe, allowing him to think more creatively without being limited by mindsets.

Lateral Thinking (02:40)

Susan Mackie at the Debono Institute used brain training to retrain her brain after a debilitating stroke.

The Six Thinking Hats (03:03)

See how the switching of hats from one type of thinking to another forces you to look at a problem from different angles. These new experiences lead to better creativity.

Dr. David Cropley Reports (02:59)

Dr. Cropley shows that Todd Sampson has indeed improved his creativity over the last 30 days.

A More Innovative Mouse Trap Powered Vehicle (03:19)

Thinking outside the box will help Todd Sampson create a more innovative mousetrap vehicle.

A New Life for Abandoned Buildings (05:23)

Viewers watch as Todd Sampson and Mike Hewson installs an art piece in a derelict building. Todd Sampson is calling on all artists to give abandoned buildings a new life.

Creativity and the Future Leaders (01:10)

Creativity is the driving force behind everything we have ever built. This is a leading characteristic in our future leaders.

Credits: Make Me Creative: Redesign My Brain (00:42)

Credits: Make Me Creative: Redesign My Brain

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This program features a team of experts that coach host Todd Sampson to increase his creativity and overcome limiting mindsets. On his way to attempting a large-scale art-challenge, Todd learns to use divergent and lateral thinking and discovers the secret of what makes something innovative.

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