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Introduction: Make Me Smarter (01:08)


In part one of the three part series "Redesign My Brain," Todd Sampson will train to expand his mind power and compete in a brain competition.

Blind Rapid Chess (03:39)

See Marc Lang compete for a new world record. He explains how he sees the games in his mind.

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) (04:00)

Dr. Michael Merzenich puts Todd Sampson through scans to get accurate baseline measurements of his brain functions.

Recognition Speed (02:20)

Todd Sampson's brain is tested for thinking speed and accuracy.

Mixed Signals Task (02:12)

Todd Sampson engages in a task designed to improve his thinking speed.

Juggling (05:11)

Todd Sampson learns juggling to improve his thinking speed.

Attentional Blink (02:26)

Todd Sampson takes a test to get the baseline level of his attention.

Attention Manipulation (03:46)

Using an eye-tracking device, neuroscientists record what Todd Sampson is watching during a magic trick. Hear how magicians manipulate attention and awareness.

Eye-movement Data (03:22)

Learn where Todd Sampson was looking during the magic trick to understand how he perceives things.

Deterioration of Peripheral Vision (03:12)

Todd Sampson goes for a drive to learn more about peripheral vision.

Peripheral Vision Task (01:58)

Todd Sampson improves his peripheral vision in a training exercise called double decision.

Working Memory Recall (05:30)

In this exercise, Todd Sampson has 42 seconds to memorize the names, foods and colors associated with 7 people.

Person-Action-Object System (07:36)

Memory champion, Tansel Ali teaches Todd Sampson how to memorize a deck of cards using the PAO system.

Official Scientific Reassessment (03:06)

See Todd Sampson's improved juggling. He retests for recognition speed and alertness.

World Memory Championships (03:22)

Todd Sampson meets other contestants at the 3 day event, including Ben Pridmore.

2012 World Memory Championships (02:33)

Todd Sampson uses the PAO system to memorize and note a deck of cards.

Test Results (03:55)

Todd Sampson recites the order of his memorized card deck. After one month of training, he has profound improvements in thinking speed, memory and attention.

Credits: Redesign My Brain: Make Me Smarter (00:38)

Credits: Redesign My Brain: Make Me Smarter

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Make Me Smarter: Redesign My Brain

Part of the Series : Redesign My Brain
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This program features Dr. Michael Merzenich, the pioneer of the neuroplasticity revolution, as he teaches Todd how to turbocharge his thinking speed, attention and memory. After only a few weeks of brain training Todd attempts an extreme challenge at the World Memory Championships.

Length: 61 minutes

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