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Humanized Robots (02:07)


Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, humans interact with a new range of humanized robots.

Testing Robot Mobility (03:17)

At the CNRS in Toulouse, France, robotics engineers work on domestic robot mobility.

Human Mimicry (02:52)

Engineers test robotic interaction with humans. Director of Research at CNRS, Rachid Alami, explains the process that uses computer algorithms.

Honda Develops Asimo (04:57)

German engineers and other experts develop domestic robots. The Japanese robot, Asimo, is a functioning personal assistant robot.

Japanese Life-Like Robots (03:26)

Robotics expert Hiroshi Ishiguro, develops prototypes including the baby CB2, life-like female robots, and a robot avatar.

Robotic Surgery (06:15)

At a clinic in Reims, France, a surgeon checks on patients remotely via the Jazz robot. He uses a da Vinci robot during surgery.

Robot Pets and Companions (03:09)

The kissing robot simulates a kiss from a distant partner. Robopolis Director Bruno Bonnell discusses the market for service and companion robots like the retirement home robot Matilda.

Nao, the Empathetic Robot (07:58)

In France, sociological studies test the acceptance of companion robots like the Nao Robot that can recognize human emotions and communicate.

Artificial Intelligence (05:44)

While sociologist Marina Maestrutti worries about lack of robotic empathy, Jean-Claude Heudin develops robots with personality.

Digital Assistants (03:30)

Cell phone virtual agents respond to user demands accessing the internet.

A Learning Robot: ICub (06:34)

Experts at the ISIR lab in Paris, developed a robot that can solve problems and learn from errors, giving the robot independence.

Credits: Living With Robots (01:51)

Credits: Living With Robots

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Robots are everywhere. They build our cars, entertain our kids, and clean our floors. And as they continue to creep into our lives with ever-greater capabilities and intelligence, they will fundamentally rewrite our relationship with machines. This film takes us to the world’s most advanced androids that look and talk like us, the world’s deadliest robots that kill for us, and the world’s smartest robots that learn from us. Follow the latest developments and peek into a nearby future where robots will be entrusted not only with chores but also with our feelings.

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