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Rural Life: Social Hierarchy (03:20)


Learn about the feudal system in 1352 AD. The Lord employed a bailiff and reeve as managers. Farmland furlongs were divided among families.

Rural Life: Farming (02:38)

Women tended the turnips parsnips, beans, wheat and barley; only the wealthy had plows. Food shortages were common; villagers used animals for their eggs, milk, and wool.

Food & Drink: Baker (02:05)

Peasants took their wheat to the baker for milling. Bakers paid the manor lord to use his equipment and for the right to be the only baker.

Food & Drink: Bartering (01:52)

The wealthy ate pandemain bread; villagers ate bran loaves called muslin. Villagers bartered for payment and recorded accounts on a tally stick, which was "split" for a receipt.

Food & Drink: Peasant Diet (01:45)

Pottage was the main meal. When available, meat was eaten but restricted to certain days of the week. Learn where the term "square meal" came from.

A Woman's Life (04:30)

Peasant girls were considered property. Learn their common tasks and the types of clothing they wore.

Medicine & Belief (03:56)

Villagers believed sickness was a punishment from God; diseases like bubonic and pneumonic plague were rife. Medicinal plants were mostly useless and traveling barbers acted as surgeons.

Law & Order: Village Attacks (00:51)

Medieval society was extremely violent and attacks were a constant threat. Coastal settlements were easy pickings for bandits sailing the coast.

Law & Order: Judicial Practices (02:48)

In medieval Europe, innocence and guilt were decided by combat. The Pope banned "Trial by Ordeal" in 1215. Trial by jury was introduced in 1166 and is the basis of our current justice system.

Cast & Credits: Life in Medieval Europe (00:34)

Cast & Credits: Life in Medieval Europe

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Learn what life was really like in medieval europe. Filmed at a recreated medieval village, with professional actors in period costume, you will learn about the food they ate and how it was prepared and served, the clothes they wore, the medicines they used, the houses they lived in and the difference in the lives led by the rich and the poor.

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