Segments in this Video

Introduction: Smart Graphic Products (01:04)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of new discoveries that are revolutionizing graphic products.

Photoluminescent Products (02:18)

Emergency signs emit light as a result of absorbing energy and agitating electrons-phosphorescence.

Making Signs (02:46)

See experts make phosphorescent and fluorescent signs. Chemicals include: zinc sulphide and strontium aluminate.

Quality Control (03:15)

Experts test a few signs from each batch to ensure they meet safety standards. Learn about the methods used to test the signs.

Photochromic Products (02:03)

Learn how color-changing glasses are made.

Photochromic Lenses (02:56)

Lenses are now available in a variety of colors. Learn about the processes for making color-changing lenses.

Testing Photochromic Lenses (03:54)

Learn how the color-changing lenses are tested for purity levels and performance.

Dye Performance (02:20)

Experts work to make dyes last longer in the lenses. Learn about other UV activated products.

Thermochromic and Hydrochromic Products (04:05)

Thermochromic inks change color at different temperatures. Learn how they are made.

Inks in Everyday Use (04:33)

View examples of thermochromic inks that interact with food packaging. Irreversible inks do not change back to their original color.

Credits: Smart Graphic Products (00:36)

Credits: Smart Graphic Products

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Examine the properties, characteristics and applications of some of the smart materials used in the graphic products industry. Case studies include labels and packaging that use thermochromic inks, emergency and safety signage that incorporate phosphorescent and fluorescent paints and inks and photochromic dyes used for anti-counterfeiting measures and reactive glasses.

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