Segments in this Video

Postmodernism Introduction (01:57)


Victoria and Albert Museum curator Glenn Adamson discusses the design movement's attack on functionality. Characteristics include style diversity, theatricality, and image.

MTV Postmodernism (02:04)

Learn how early music videos exposed the public to the design movement. Adamson describes its cultural pervasiveness.

Alessi Corporation (02:15)

Learn how the Italian product manufacturer began working with outside designers and adopting postmodern ideas in the 1970s.

Tea and Coffee Piazza Project (03:20)

Alessi invited architects to design products in the late 1970s. Although unfit for industrial production, limited luxury editions were used to market postmodern ideas.

Postmodern Product Design (03:33)

Creative freedom resulted in design variety. Alessi describes Aldo Rossi's process; learn how Philippe Starck's iconic lemon juicer evolved into a conversation piece.

Corporate Postmodernism (01:13)

Learn how designers left the movement after it was adopted by companies like Disney and IBM.

Memphis Design Collective (01:13)

Learn how Ettore Sottsass' Milan group revolutionized contemporary design.

Memphis Design History (03:00)

Learn how the modernist movement developed from 19th century ideas. George Sowden explains how its restrictiveness resulted in postmodern ideas.

Memphis Design Influence (01:19)

Learn how postmodern images spread throughout popular culture during the 1980s.

Olivetti Computer Designs (01:49)

Learn how Sottsass and Sowden worked with Alessi to create postmodern Italian consumer electronics.

Alessandro Mendini (02:22)

The postmodernist designer explains the concept behind creating and destroying his Lassu chair—symbolizing the destruction of modernism.

Postmodern Redesign Projects (02:42)

Mendini discusses his humorous and ironic approach to design. He transformed modernist objects in the 1970s that became popular collector's pieces.

Commercializing Postmodern Design (02:03)

Mendini collaborated with Alessi to produce consumer products. His suit featuring logos of companies he's worked for symbolizes the movement's self-reflection.

Credits: How Alessi, Postmodernism and Memphis changed the world (00:44)

Credits: How Alessi, Postmodernism and Memphis changed the world

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How Alessi, Postmodernism, and Memphis Changed the World

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A guide through the sometimes diverse ideas, designs, and innovations that developed during postmodern era. This program includes footage filmed at the Alessi factory and museum in Italy, and at other design houses in Milan. It contains interviews with leading postmodern designers, Alberto Alessi, George Sowden, and Mendini. It also takes a look at a ground-breaking postmodernism exhibition held at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

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