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Art and Journalism (02:21)


Photography has been a tool of journalists and documentarians for as long as there have been cameras. It took much longer for photographs to be seen as works of art.

Art and Advertising (05:34)

The boundaries between art and popular culture have been blurred. Modern advertising agencies seek artistic images, and today's fine art photographers are more likely than their predecessors to accept commercial assignments.

Photography's Role in Society (04:31)

Photographic images are pervasive throughout society. They are used to document history, promote products, express opinions, communicate ideas, advocate causes, serve as works of art, and even provide surveillance and security.

Photojournalism (03:35)

Photojournalists make images that document life and tell stories. Many are drawn to the profession by a motivation to expose injustice and make a positive difference in the world.

Fine Art Photography (06:51)

Fine Art Photography Fine art photographers have complete control over the photographs they make. Fine art photographs, like portraits and documentary photos, can communicate ideas about people, culture, and society.

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Photography: Making Art and Recording Life

Part of the Series : The Language of Photography
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Once strictly considered a visual recording device, the camera has expanded beyond its documentational niche and made places for itself in the worlds of fine art, advertising, and news media as well. This program describes existing and emerging genres in the photographic arts, including documentary photography, portraiture, still life, commercial photography, and photojournalism. Commentary is provided by Steve Luker, formerly a creative director with ad agency Publicis & Hal Riney, and photographers Larry Sultan, Ed Kashi, Richard Barnes, Jo Whaley, Dale Kistemaker, and Catherine Wagner. (27 minutes)

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