Segments in this Video

Vision and Perception (04:06)


Vision involves structures of the eye including the cornea, iris, lens, and retina. Biological filters and Gestalt Theory's principles of psychological closure (proximity, similarity, and continuity) influence they ways individuals perceive visual information.

Light and Lighting (02:02)

Light is a form of radiant energy, a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the key ingredient of visual perception. Photographers manipulate the quality and direction of light to alter their subjects' appearances.

Black, White, Light, and Shadows (04:02)

The interplay of light and shadows is most evident in black and white photography where contrast, pattern, rhythm, and line become more prominent. Photographers use light intentionally and deliberately to create the images they want.

Light, Color, and Perception (04:42)

Color is a phenomenon of perception, not an objective characteristic of a substance. The human eye is affected by a color's saturation, hue, value, color balance, and color correction.

Understanding Color (04:36)

All colors are formed by different combinations of the primary colors. The colors in light are additive colors, while pigment colors like paints and dyes are subtractive colors.

Using Color in Photography (03:48)

Color affects the mood and tone of a photographic image. Photographers intentionally use color to convey meaning in their photographs.

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Photography and the Brain

Part of the Series : The Language of Photography
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How do photographic images evoke meaning and emotion? To understand that, viewers first need to understand how the eyes and brain process input from the visual world. After an overview of the biomechanics of vision, this program explains how proximity, similarity, and continuity affect perception; what light is and how lighting types and angles alter an image; and how color theory operates. Commentary is provided by photographers Dale Kistemaker, Catherine Wagner, Jo Whaley, and Larry Sultan. (27 minutes)

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