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Language of Photography (02:53)


We are moving from text based communication to a universal symbolic language. The new standards expand the definition of literacy to include 2 new language arts: viewing and visual representation.

Visual Language (01:12)

Images have immense power to burn into our memory. Literacy in today's society means being active, critical and creative users of the visual languages of film, television, commercial and political advertising.

Image Bombardment (03:00)

Images help us organize and make sense of our lives. Opportunities to use photography are vast and can bring us from self-obsession to a global awareness.

Worker Literacies (01:13)

Workers need a range of literacies including how to interpret, compose and place images into context. We are much more cued into visual literacy than past generations.

History of Photography (03:14)

We need to know the history and vocabulary in order to understand the impact of photography today. Because the medium is relatively young, it is still being revised, rethought and expanded.

Attention Span and Media (02:43)

Many experts believe media bombardment is shortening our attention span. Historically images in advertising were secondary to the text, however, visual icons now need to be perceived at a quick rate of speed.

Processing Visual Information (00:58)

The new generation has the ability to process information at a quicker rate. Advertising now uses shock and humor to connect with them.

Effective Level of Visual Literacy (01:59)

Lack of visual literacy can lead to excessive consumerism, conformity, low self esteem and poor political decisions.

Photography in the 21st Century (01:41)

Single images no longer have their former power and uniqueness. Visual literacy is now many conversations being processed simultaneously where images are now just a part of a larger piece.

Iconographic Communication (01:13)

Not all issues have visual references. Issues that lack concrete visual references such as the global economy and global warming disappear from the scene.

Interconnectedness of Media (02:15)

We need to learn the range of media to be able to understand its interconnectedness. Some images need to work as a friction to dismantle the invisible structure within the message.

Modern Definition of Literacy (00:37)

Today, literacy is more than being able to read and write. Understanding the language of photography is critical. if we are going to be able to think and create, understand and defend our values and decide our future.

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Introduction to Photography and Visual Literacy

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Movies, magazines, TV, billboards, the Web—the world is filled with captivating photographic images competing for viewers’ attention. Not surprisingly, citizens of the Global Village are experiencing a growing need for visual literacy: the ability to read between the lines and extract meaning from that daily bombardment. This program takes a close look at the vital importance of visual language skills, how information overload is shortening the human attention span, the proliferation of iconographic communication, and implications for America’s education system. A capsule history of photography, with insights into the medium’s future, is included. (27 minutes)

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