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Sexual Behavior in Men and Women (03:10)


Kinsey’s two books in 1948 and 1953 mark the first major scientific study of human sexuality. They spark both the criticism of encouraging promiscuity and praise for showing society’s hypocrisy.

Personal Life Versus Public Persona (03:41)

Kinsey claims he has no social agenda, but he desires reform in society's tolerance. His interest in a broad spectrum of sexuality can be seen in his personal life and the live experiments he conducts.

Criticism of Kinsey's Study (03:11)

His data is not slanted, but his interpretation is. Critics say he defines homosexuality too broadly. Being a biologist instead of a social scientist leads his critics to claim his methods are problematic.

Methodology and the Study's Impact (03:22)

Kinsey’s methodology derives from his fieldwork with the gall wasp. Critics say his samples are not representative of the American population. The study’s impact on social reform outweighs his data.

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Alfred Kinsey: Social Science in America’s Bedroom

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Sexuality was the last uncharted realm of social science until a controversial biology professor named Alfred Kinsey walked into America’s bedroom and turned on the light. In this program, John Bancroft, director of The Kinsey Institute; James H. Jones, author of Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life; and Kinsey’s former colleague Paul Gebhard engage in a thoughtful assessment of Kinsey’s findings—data weakened, however, by the makeup of Kinsey’s sample population, his own sexual experiences, and his desire to see a more inclusive ethic of tolerance in the U.S. Nonetheless, as a tool of social reform, Kinsey’s work succeeded in opening a channel in the public discourse on a hitherto taboo subject. (16 minutes)

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