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Wind-turbines (01:45)


In a search for greener energy sources, windmills are put up around Ontario. The human impact has not been studied; that impact is at the root of opposition.

Norma Schmidt's Story (01:58)

In 2003, Ontario had 10 wind turbines; in 2012 there are 1,200. Numbers are expected to double in the next few years in a space that mixes wind-turbines with society.

Pincher Creek, Alberta (02:35)

Alberta is Canada's birthplace of wind power. See inside a wind-turbine and hear how it works.

Canadian West Accepts Wind Power (01:55)

In Alberta most energy comes from Coal. Farmers and citizens support green energy that comes with benefits to the community as a whole.

Ontario Wind Development (01:53)

The anti-wind movement is growing in Ontario. Many believe turbines are ugly, harm property values, and come with harmful health impacts.

Health or Power (02:15)

Norma Schmidt discusses f her health problems that started when 10 wind-turbines were installed in her area.

Cause and Effect (02:02)

Dr. Arline King releases a report that states there is no scientific evidence showing an association between health and the wind-turbines.

Is there Enough Space? (02:37)

In Ontario, many people live as close as 550 meters from a wind-turbine, enduring the noise and sonic waves.

Maxing out the Power Grid (03:12)

Wolf Island has 80 wind-turbines. Dr. Mabee explains how wind power is generated and stored. He wonders if the wind power could exceed power grids capabilities.

Turbine Noises (04:54)

Dr. Nisenbaum plays similar turbine noises at 80 Hz and 3 DB. He surveys a community that lives with turbines and gets astonishing results.

Ignoring What We Can't See (03:15)

Wind turbines emit subsonic sound waves called infra-sound. Dr. Alex Salt speaks on the sensitivity of the ears and his laboratory research.

Scotland on the Forefront of Design (02:38)

Artemis Power is designing a hydraulic transmission that will replace gears in a turbine. This will allow a seven megawatt wind turbine to be built.

North Sea (04:13)

The Danish government wants 50% of energy to come from wind power by 2020; over 900 land turbines will be installed.

Research on Wind Noise (03:05)

A claim stating that wind power from larger turbines will be quieter triggers research on the effects of turbine noise.

Ontario Fights Back (02:02)

Protesters in Ontario march in the streets. Many feel they have been forgotten and are suffering from the presence of the windmills.

Credits "Wind Rush" (00:54)

Credits "Wind Rush"

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Southern Ontario is the battleground for the pro- and anti-wind forces. New large turbines have led to chronic sleeplessness for many people living close to wind farms. And further health complications can follow—like diabetes, depression, heart disease, and inner ear and equilibrium issues. Doctors were seeing patients complaining of the same symptoms and people started to realize that neither government nor wind companies had done any significant human health studies before building turbine farms. Wind Rush talks to people on either side of the turbine divide and then turns to scientists to try to determine what has gone wrong.

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