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Kindergarteners' Views of Gender (02:29)


Kindergarteners in Montreal reveal a resurgence in sexual stereotypes among children.

Stereotypes Continue (03:03)

Interviews with children of various ages reveal gender stereotypes. Experts consider if feminism can be attributed solely to upbringing.

Biological Differences (01:07)

A psychologist says boys are biologically different from girls. He talks about differences in abilities at the preschool age.

Gender Concept (00:59)

Experiments show babies at 6-12 months connecting male and female voices and faces, indicating a concept of sex.

Sexual Stereotype Awareness (02:47)

From two on, children generalize male and female roles. They develop these concepts before they know their own sex.

Sexualization (02:09)

A sexologist objects to young girls wearing makeup to school. Girls value beauty and fashion at a young age.

Importance of Image (02:54)

A young girl reads a magazine with beauty tips; some as tweens (7-11) have become a target for image makers.

Expectation of Sexual Activity (02:16)

Girls feel pressure to give oral sex. Portrayals on reality TV influence teens' views of sex.

Stereotypes of Boys (02:18)

Gender stereotypes force boys to act in ways perceived as manly. A kindergarten teacher gets boys and girls to play with dolls.

Burden of Sex (01:57)

Specialists discuss the different burdens stereotypes place on boys and girls. Boys and girls share their own views of what it would be like to be the other sex.

Natural Differences (02:22)

A researcher took a male and female chimpanzee from parents at birth to avoid mimicking gender roles, but still found traditional male and female behavior.

Nature and Nurture (04:09)

Beauvoir held that gender differences are environmental. Two feminist journalists raised their children neutrally, but their preferences followed stereotypes.

Eradicating Differences? (00:35)

Experts consider it impossible and undesirable to repress gender-specific tendencies.

Group Formation (01:31)

Research shows that children form groups with their own sex from age three on. Children and experts consider why.

Traditional Gender Views (03:15)

Clips show young men and women in the 1960s expressing traditional views of gender roles. The same generation now laments looks-conscious teen girls.

Women's Success (01:50)

Clips depict 1970s feminist sentiments. Today, many women reject the feminist label, but benefit from the legacy.

Men's Struggles (02:45)

Social indicators suggest that stereotypes today are tougher on boys than girls. Many men abandon work fields as women enter them.

Credits: Me Tarzan, You Jane (00:43)

Credits: Me Tarzan, You Jane

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Today the battle of the sexual stereotypes and prejudices seems to be back on. This film examines children's views on gender roles, and considers the role of genes, upbringing, and culture in shaping such views.

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