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My Friend the Bank Robber Intro (01:21)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of Stephen Reid, a notorious member of the Stopwatch Gang.

Young Reid (02:07)

Stephen Reid is behind bars on Vancouver Island. Bob McKeown has known Reid for decades. Reid describes himself 40 years ago.

Escape from a Chinese Restaurant (02:42)

By the age of 22, Stephen Reid had been in prison and escaped. In 1973, he met Patrick (Paddy) Michael Mitchell. Bob McKeown recalls meeting Reid and Mitchell at the Belle Claire.

Targeting a Shipment of Gold (01:47)

Mitchel, Reid, and Lionel Wright robbed $750,000 from an airport cargo shed. Bob McKeown was surprised to see them on trial; the men got 20 year sentences.

Bank Robbers Escape (03:05)

Wright was the first to escape. Reid escaped after presenting a hockey trophy. Mitchell escaped from a prison ambulance; Reid denies being involved.

Arizona Refuge (01:13)

Wright, Reid, and Mitchell moved into a house in Sedona, AZ. Ex-neighbors recall Reid's spending habits.

Stopwatch Gang (02:53)

Wright, Reid, and Mitchell robbed 100 U.S. banks for $15 million. The men studied banks intensely. On Sept. 23, 1980, they robbed a Bank of America in San Diego, CA.

Robbers Caught Again (01:16)

A Stopwatch Gang accomplice revealed their names and location. Reid and Wright were arrested. Three years later Mitchell was arrested and sent to Arizona State Prison.

January 28, 1986 (02:43)

Bill McKeown recalls reading an article about Reid. Susan Musgrave collaborated with Reid on his book; they soon married. Reid describes himself at his wedding.

Moving Forward (02:15)

Mitchell escaped from Arizona State Prison in 1986; he remained a fugitive for eight years. After his release, Reid continued writing and made television appearances.

Is Reid Reformed? (02:14)

See a 1999 interview with Bill McKeown and Agent Steve Chenoweth; Chenoweth and Reid meet. Mitchell continued to rob banks.

Bank Robbing Notoriety (01:47)

Susan Musgrave reflects on Reid's ability to settle down. Reid was a local celebrity. In 1993, Mitchell robbed a Mississippi bank; he was caught.

Stephen Reid's Massey, Ontario Secret (03:00)

Reid was sexually molested from the age of 11 by a local physician who injected him with morphine.

Reid Returned to Robbery (04:12)

On June 9, 1999, Reid robbed the Royal Bank in Victoria B.C. McKeown recalls watching Reid's arrest on television. Musgrave reflects on that time period.

18 Year Sentence (01:56)

See a 1999 interview with McKeown and Reid behind bars. In prison, Reid began writing again; he was paroled in 2008.

Six Years Remaining (04:36)

In 2001, Reid underwent emergency heart surgery; his addiction to morphine returned. Reid is currently at the Williams Head Institution. Reid and Musgrave reflect on their lives.

Grace for Reid? (01:15)

Musgrave reflects on Reid's state of mind and physical health. Reid wants to finish his life in a quiet, humble, and dignified way.

Credits: My Friend the Bank Robber: Stephen Reid (00:52)

Credits: My Friend the Bank Robber: Stephen Reid

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For decades, Stephen Reid has captured the imagination of Canadians: an outlaw bandit who robbed banks with stopwatch precision, a fast-talking charmer, and master of disguises who twice escaped prison, a reformed convict and accomplished best-selling author, and a loving father and husband. It seemed Stephen Reid's story might have a Hollywood ending. But real life isn't so kind. The master of the quick get away, Reid couldn't escape the life everyone thought he'd left behind. Canada's most famous bank robber is now back on the inside, serving out an 18-year sentence and searching for redemption behind bars.The report includes new and exclusive interview footage with Reid from prison. He also speaks with wife Susan Musgrave, a former FBI agent, and former prison guards and escorts among others.

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