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Introduction: Suzuki Diaries: Future City (01:35)


This brief overview of the sustainability of cities orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Montreal (02:06)

Father and daughter team David and Sarika Suzuki embark across Canada in a converted airstream trailer.

McGill University (01:58)

The Suzukis visit the edible campus at McGill University. The program grows food in the city and gives it to people in need.

Meals on Wheels (02:13)

Volunteers cook the food from the edible campus and deliver the meals to people in need around the city.

Lufa Farms (02:37)

The Suzukis visit a massive rooftop hydroponic greenhouse that offers year round produce.

Delivery (01:58)

Lufa Farms delivers produce that was harvested that day to local residents.

Toronto (02:01)

The Suzukis travel west along the busiest highway in North America on their way to Toronto. They camp in an abandoned area in the heart of the city.

Waterfront Toronto (02:38)

The Suzukis explore several parks designed to bring people back into the city.

Sherbourne Common (02:00)

This area includes a lawn, grove, and a water feature. Learn about the water recycling systems in place.

Brick Works Factory (02:50)

Bringing nature back into the city is a crucial planning strategy. This factory was abandoned for over 20 years and is now a nature escape.

Detroit (03:07)

This one industry city shares a waterway with Canada. The Suzukis talk with architect Christopher Marcinkoski about using carbon dioxide from the city in a positive way.

Building Green (03:34)

Architect Shafraaz Kaba shares the recycling strategies he is using to build his own house.

Edmonton (02:47)

This forward thinking city aims to keep over 90% of all household waste out of landfills in the next few years. Jim Schubert explains their diversion program.

Energy from Garbage (01:42)

The Suzukis visit the composting and biofuel sites that create jobs, reduce emissions, and recover soil and energy

Youth (01:52)

City Councilman Don Iveson visits the Suzukis to discuss the importance of the younger generation and marketing. The Suzukis reflect on the cities they've seen.

Vancouver (02:55)

The Suzukis return home to Vancouver. Sadhu Johnston joins them to ride the Canada Line transit system.

University of British Columbia (02:26)

The Suzukis explore the wood waste recycling program and the Center for Interactive Research in Sustainability.

Interactive Planning Tool (02:41)

This tool allows residents to visualize future development ideas for their neighborhood. The Suzukis visit a 500 square foot laneway home.

Conclusion (01:03)

The Suzukis reflect on the solutions they have seen and their vision for the future.

Credits: Suzuki Diaries: Future City (00:31)

Credits: Suzuki Diaries: Future City

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We all live in cities. As we head into the future, how we adapt to the needs of expanding cities will have a huge impact on their livability. Food, land use, housing, energy, waste — how we tackle these issues will determine whether our cities evolve, or whether they decline. In a new installment of Suzuki Diaries, David and his daughter Sarika set out to discover whether some of Canada’s biggest cities are ready for the challenges of the future.

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