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Four Types of Cancer (02:58)


Meet Guy Miller (lung), Agathe Ratelle, (breast), Denis Giguere (intestinal), and Claude Morin (blood). Learn the symptoms that lead to their cancer diagnoses and hear cancer statistics.

Lung Cancer (02:21)

Guy Miller smoked a pack a day for 20 years; he quit after he began coughing up blood. Learn about his diagnosis of Stage 4 lung cancer with metastases.

Breast Cancer (02:55)

Athlete Agathe Ratelle developed a 3.5 cm carcinoma in her breast despite having no risk factors. Her treatment will start with chemotherapy.

Intestinal Cancer (02:57)

Retired Mayor Denis Giguere discusses his colon cancer diagnosis. Lifestyle significantly influences colon cancer risks. Giguere's cancer metastasized in his liver and lungs.

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (02:50)

Retired public servant Claude Morin will live in a bubble during chemotherapy treatment; the first attempt fails.

Estrogen & Breast Cancer (02:09)

Learn how menstrual and cell replication cycles increase the risk of uncorrected cell mutations.

HER2 Gene (01:08)

See a photo of a cancerous mammary cell. Up to 25% of mammary tumors have an amplified HER2 gene. Herceptin is a target therapy for this type of cancer.

Targeted Therapies (02:04)

Despite the development of potential cancer therapies, clinical trials are not keeping pace. Guy, Agathe, Dennis, and Claude will participate in a clinical trial.

Denis: 4 Years Surviving (01:29)

Denis responds well to ongoing chemo.

Positive Response to Targeted Therapy (02:28)

Denis receives another round of the experimental drug Erbitux; his cancer is spreading.

Claude: Remission (03:03)

Claude starts another treatment cycle that includes targeted therapy. An "antisens" molecule blocks gene expression, making chemotherapy more effective.

Bone Marrow Transplant Process (03:40)

Treatments are available to help the body tolerate a transplant. Claude receives stem cells from his sister. The graft attacked Claude's organs, and he died.

Clinical Trial and Conservation Surgery (03:03)

Agathe participates in a research protocol targeting her tumor type. Her group receives Lapatinib. She will have preventative chemotherapy and take Tamoxifen for five years.

Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer (04:28)

Guy rebuilds strength for a second round of chemotherapy. Scans show that his lung tumor has grown while abdominal masses have responded to treatment. He does not survive.

Cancer Updates (01:36)

Agathe is still in remission and Denis' sustained survival continues to astound doctors. Claude and Guy both died from their illnesses.

Credits: Living with Cancer: Cancer (00:35)

Credits: Living with Cancer: Cancer

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Meet four Canadians living with different types of cancer. Follow Guy Miller (lung), Agathe Ratelle, (breast), Denis Giguere (intestinal), and Claude Morin (blood) as they receive treatment and updates. 

Length: 40 minutes

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