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Disease of the Genes (01:28)


Accumulated data suggests that cancer is a chronic disease associated with lifestyle.

Cancer Cells (01:03)

Learn how cancer cells function within the body and cause death. Vocabulary includes: tumor and metastasis.

How Does a Healthy Cell Become Cancerous? (02:30)

Cancer is a genetic disease but rarely hereditary. Learn how cell mutations occur and affect DNA. Experts discuss precancerous cells and the time it takes to develop cancer.

Mutations and Errors in Cell Division (02:11)

Experts discuss daughter cells and cancer growth. It is estimated that the body produces 1 million mutated cells every day. Learn what happens when the cell death mechanism does not work.

Cancer Cells are Not Just Mutations (01:03)

Learn why researchers believe cancer is a disease of cell division. Vocabulary includes: chromosomes, karyotype, nucleus, and aneuploidy.

Karyotype (02:40)

Researchers study chromosomes and anomalies; compare the karyotype of a healthy cell to a cancer cell. See the chromosomes of an ovarian cancer cell and a breast tumor. (Nudity)

Two Ways to Explain Cancer (03:32)

Changes in DNA caused by mutagenic factors and cell division failures are considered. Experts discuss stem cell function and the link between stem cells and cancer cells.

Cancerous Stem Cells (01:31)

Tumorous stem cells are often resistant to cancer treatments. Experts research experimental strategies that specifically target cancerous stem cells.

Cancer and Aging (02:32)

See the frequency curve for cancer according to age. Researchers study the environment surrounding a cancer cell; chronic inflammation is fertile ground for cancer growth.

Infection and Inflammation (03:20)

Nearly 20% of cancer is caused by infection. Vaccines reduce the risk for liver and cervical cancer. Researches wonder if anti-inflammatories could prevent cancer.

Cancer Benefit (01:31)

Biochemist Richard Béliveau is the guest of honor at a benefit banquet. The dinner menu consists of anticancer foods.

Cancer Prevention (02:40)

A 2007 report summarizes known facts about prevention and cancer. Smoking, sunburns, and lifestyle increase cancer risks; obesity and inactivity are linked to several cancers.

Obesity (02:05)

Experts explain the link between obesity and cancer, and provide recommendations. Vocabulary includes: adipose cells, cell proliferation, and chronic inflammation.

Preventative Measures (02:19)

Experts discuss anticancer foods and provide lifestyle suggestions. Recommendations are met with some public resistance.

Cancer Treatment (04:05)

Béliveau states that cancer prevention is biochemical. Targeted therapies like Gleevec, designed for chronic myeloid leukemia, are a new type of cancer weapon.

Inhibitors (02:54)

Approximately 20% of breast cancers have an HER2 receptor. Blocking the receptor reduces cancer cell proliferation. Blood vessel formation and metastases are target study areas. (Nudity)

Cancer Review (00:51)

Briefly review the topics discussed in this film. An expert reflects on the future of cancer treatments. (Nudity)

Credits: A Revolution Is Coming: Cancer (00:11)

Credits: A Revolution Is Coming: Cancer

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More than a third of us will get cancer in our lifetime and a quarter of us will die from it; it is Canada’s number one killer. Extensive research, guided by experts and improved technologies, has significantly increased our understanding of cancer and how it works over the past ten years. This film looks at the principal theories and hypotheses that are revolutionizing our knowledge of this disease. We meet Guy, Agathe, Claude and Denis, four patients suffering from various forms of cancer who confront their illness, a complex and insidious scourge that is increasingly being treated with revolutionary therapies.

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