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The Series Includes : A Revolution Is Coming: Cancer | Living with Cancer: Cancer
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3-Year Streaming Price: $339.70



More than a third of us will suffer from it; one fourth will die of it. However, our understanding of cancer has evolved dramatically over the past ten years. High performance tools now permit researchers to have a clearer view of cancer and its causes. No other illness has been as studied. An immense undertaking involving hundreds of laboratories around the world. In this 2-part series, we look at the principal theories and hypotheses that are revolutionizing our knowledge of this disease. We meet Guy, Agathe, Claude and Denis, four patients suffering from various forms of cancer who confront their illness, a complex and insidious scourge that is increasingly being treated with revolutionary therapies. Four battles waged, and four fates in the balance.

Length: 80 minutes

Item#: BVL58446

ISBN: 978-0-81608-551-4

Copyright date: ©2009

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