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Snowbirds Air Acrobatics (02:33)


Captain Rivard discusses the risks of formation flying. Seven crew members have been killed in the squadron's 39 year history.

Wing Walking (01:59)

Carol Pilon describes the risk management and thrills of performing acrobatics on a 60 year old biplane.

Barn Storming (03:05)

Learn about World War I fighter pilot and daredevil Freddie McCall, and view early aviation air show stunts.

Stunt Flying (02:21)

Canadian pilots describe trust and concentration needed to fly WWII Harvards in formation. They do a fly past at a remembrance ceremony.

Canadian Royal Air Force (02:28)

A World War II veteran recalls pilot training and combat missions.

Testing Planes (02:14)

Paul Kissman prepares to test an F-86 Saber from the Cold War; learn risks involved.

Avoiding Complacency (01:44)

Stunt pilots practice choreography on the ground and rebuild plane engines annually to ensure function.

Snowbirds Aerobatics Training (03:22)

Rivard selects pilots based on skill and reaction. They rehearse emergency responses and are honest about mistakes to minimize error.

Stunt Flying Tragedy (03:24)

In 2004, two Snowbirds pilots crashed in flight. Miles Selby was killed instantly; Chris Mallet reflects on surviving and honoring his partner's legacy.

Saving a Passenger Jet (03:03)

Captain Robert Piché recalls responding to engine failure on a flight from Toronto to Lisbon. He executed a glider landing and still has adrenaline from the event.

Fear of Flying (02:11)

Commercial flights require people to relinquish total control of their lives. Canadians attend a workshop to address their phobia.

Risk Taking Attitude (02:43)

An ultralight pilot describes returning to flight after a crash that paralyzed him.

Aviation Mission (03:10)

Kissman's wife worries about risks as he test flies an F-86 Saber. Despite a minor mechanical failure, he returns safely.

Taking Charge of Fear (02:53)

Participants in a flying phobia workshop go on a successful practice flight.

First Flight Replica (03:10)

A recreation of Canada's silver dart is flown in 2009—commemorating 100 years of aviation. Learn how flying shaped national history.

Credits: Dancing with Danger: Canada Above and Beyond (01:06)

Credits: Dancing with Danger: Canada Above and Beyond

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Dancing with Danger: Canada Above and Beyond

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Why do some people seek thrills and adventure in the sky? Explore the extraordinary deeds of men and women that defy imagination. A wing walker looks back to the days of barnstorming in rural Canada. The Snowbirds, ambassadors of Canadian aviation throughout the world, share the secrets of precision flying. Test pilots demonstrate their mettle, putting aeronautic flight systems through their paces so that others may fly safely. Part of the series Canada Above and Beyond  100 Years of Aviation. (43 minutes)

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