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Air Inuit (01:22)


Pilot Sara Denis prepares for flight in Nunavut. Her Twin Otter is the "jeep" of airplanes, reliably serving Northern Canada.

Northern Canada Lifeline (01:15)

Sara transports Montreal pediatrician Dr. Joan Morel to George River in Ungava Bay to treat remote patients.

Nunavut Clinic (01:22)

Morel reflects on working with the Inuit community. Children needing surgery or specialists must be flown south.

Medical Evacuation (03:05)

A young girl is admitted to the George River clinic with meningitis. Sara is called back to air lift her to the nearest hospital.

Disaster Assistant Relief Team (01:40)

Canada provides humanitarian aid in disaster zones. Sgt. Kevin Bradshaw is a paramedic on the DART; learn about the C130 Hercules airplane.

Canadian Disaster Relief (01:09)

Learn how DART responded to the 1999 earthquake in Turkey. Bradshaw's field hospital saw 5,000 patients in a month.

Water Patrols (01:51)

Learn how DART uses portable water purification systems to provide humanitarian relief in disaster zones.

Sarabec Training (02:12)

Members of Quebec's volunteer air search and rescue unit hunt for a simulated plane wreck.

Search for a Plane Wreck (03:20)

Small planes are equipped with an emergency distress signal. Sarabec observers look for a simulated crash site; volunteers find one third of Canadian crashes.

Sky Service Mission (03:09)

A Quebec medical team prepares to repatriate an ill Canadian from Cuba.

Sky Service Evacuation (01:27)

A Montreal medical team evacuates a Canadian citizen at risk of heart attack from Cuba.

Search and Rescue (02:57)

Canadian forces units responded to the Saguenay River flood in 1996—saving dozens from drowning. Learn why the Cormorant helicopter is ideal for missions.

Sky Service Success (02:03)

A Canadian citizen suffering a heart attack is airlifted home. His nurse describes her inspiration for repatriating patients.

Atlantic Rescue Mission (06:09)

Col. Thibaut recalls responding to a distressed cargo ship in January 2003—amidst a cyclone. Learn how he pushed the Cormorant helicopter to its limit to save the crew.

Boeing C-17 (02:26)

Learn about the Canadian Forces' largest cargo plane.

Saving Lives (02:21)

The DART loads a Boeing C-17 for a humanitarian mission. The captain discusses flying the airplane.

Airborne Delivery (02:16)

Morel recalls helping a patient give birth as she was air lifted to Montreal.

Credits: Lifelines: Canada Above and Beyond (01:06)

Credits: Lifelines: Canada Above and Beyond

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Learn how the airplane has become an indispensable tool — literally a lifeline — to those living in isolation or danger. Canadian pilots, and the experts and equipment they carry, are saving lives around the world. Meet a Montreal pediatrician whose passion for flying helps her reach her many young patients in remote Northern communities. Travel with both our Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) and an airborne medical unit as they cross the globe to reach Canadians in distress. Part of the series Canada Above and Beyond - 100 Years of Aviation. (43 minutes)

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