Segments in this Video

First Airplane Experience (01:46)


Canadian children fly for the first time on a family vacation.

Replicating the Silver Dart (03:16)

Learn about Canada's first flight in 1909. Retired engineers construct a new model to fly on its 100 year anniversary.

Silver Dart Construction (01:08)

Learn how Alexander Graham Bell and John McCurdy designed the flying machine to compete with the Wright Brothers' invention.

Silver Dart Pilot (01:31)

Former Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason will fly a replica of the first flying machine.

Top Gun Training (03:13)

An elite Canadian Air Force pilot prepares for his first flight in the CF-18 Hornet.

CF-18 Hornet (02:20)

Flight simulators prepare pilots to fly the Canadian Air Force jet. Learn its power and weapons capacity; confidence is crucial for success.

Fighter Combat International (03:05)

Amateur husband and wife pilots engage in a supervised air battle in Arizona.

First Commercial Flights (02:10)

A retired Air Canada pilot prepares a 1939 Silver Lady for a test run, and describes his flying career.

Trans Canada Flights (03:47)

Learn the commercial airline's history, including introducing stewardesses. Pilots explain how airplane models have changed since the '30s.

Child Pilot (03:32)

Emma Houlston became the youngest Canadian to fly a plane across the country in 1988. She and her father take a reunion flight.

Life Changing Flight (05:46)

A six-year-old enjoys his first flight. Bruny Surin recalls leaving Haiti for Montreal in 1975; Canadian citizenship allowed him to become an Olympic athlete.

Space Flight (03:19)

Canadian astronaut Julie Payette describes her first mission in 1999. Houlston discusses how flying makes her feel.

Top Gun Success (01:03)

A Canadian Air Force pilot lands his first CF-18 Hornet.

Silver Dart Flight (04:13)

Tryggvason successfully flies a replica of Canada's first airplane on its 100th anniversary.

Credits: First Flight: Canada Above and Beyond (01:05)

Credits: First Flight: Canada Above and Beyond

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First Flight: Canada Above and Beyond

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Whether it’s aviation devotees recreating Canada’s first flight in the Silver Dart, a young immigrant taking his first flight to a dramatically different life in Canada, a fighter pilot assuming command of a CF 18, or Canadian astronaut Julie Payette being blasted into space, this episode demonstrates how flight has changed individuals and revolutionized a country. Part of the series Canada Above and Beyond - 100 Years of Aviation (43 minutes)

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