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At the Crossroads: 8th Fire Intro (01:49)


This segment orients viewers to the Indian Act and individuals attempting to build new relationships between native and non-native Canadians.

Savard Artwork (02:07)

Teharihulen Michel Savard explains why he shot a copy of the Indian Act. He participated in the "Indian Act Revisited" art show; see several artists' works.

Indian Act Regulations (01:38)

Michèle Taina Audette describes the status of Aboriginal women and children. Savard questions why one cannot enter an Indian reserve without specific permission.

Reserve System (02:54)

The "Blackstone" series depicts the problems and challenges of reservation life; see scenes from the show. Creators discuss the purpose behind the show. (Graphic language)

Reconciliation? (01:47)

Experts consider the implications of abolishing the Indian Act.

Inuit Doctor (02:14)

Dr. Stanley Vollant is the first Aboriginal surgeon in Quebec. He is attempting to walk 4,000 km in five years; he wants young people to dream. Experts discuss the importance of Aboriginal youth.

Trekking Canada (04:10)

Dr. Stanley Vollant wants to be a role model for Aboriginal young people; he shares his story at a school. Many Aboriginal youth have difficulty with aspirations.

First Nations University, Regina (02:25)

Students describe what it is like to study at the university and its importance; see portions of the annual Pow Wow.

Education is the New Buffalo (03:07)

Many women at First Nations University are single mothers. Penny Smoke shares her experiences. Under-funding is a problem for many First Nations schools.

Enbridge Northern Gateway (03:22)

Learn why First Nations people in British Columbia are saying no to the $5 billion pipeline project. Coastal fishermen fear an ecological disaster.

Fighting the Pipeline (01:10)

About 60 people are learning the basics of non-violent protests. An environmental committee is determining the acceptable risks of Enbridge's Northern Gateway.

Membertou (02:59)

Learn how the Mi'kmaq made the reserve successful. The 1990s were a time of crisis for the community; Chief Terrance Paul recalls the era.

Membertou Business (01:26)

The Mi'kmaq work with Lockheed-Martin and other multinational businesses. Unemployment has almost vanished and the community's future is bright.

Helping Inuit Feel Connected (01:50)

Pop star Elisapie Isaac returns to the North to help run creative workshops for local youth.

Creative Workshops (03:59)

Elisapie Isaac shares her story with Inuit youth. Jessica Yee leads a discussion on community perceptions.

Caring for Youth (01:55)

Jessica Yee discusses the need to look for the positive in Aboriginal communities. Music releases emotions. Elisapie Isaac reflects on the strength of the youth.

Building Bridges (03:01)

Samian makes music to bring people together and make them aware of his people's reality. Experts reflect on the relationship between natives and non-natives.

Credits: At the Crossroads: 8th Fire (01:03)

Credits: At the Crossroads: 8th Fire

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At the Crossroads: 8th Fire

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At the close of the series, we meet young Aboriginals preparing to change the future. A fascinating range of artists, activists, and business people take us through ways to shed the colonial past, build new pathways in education and economic development. This is all in pursuit of a new relationship to replace 500 years of conflict and injustices. In a forest in Quebec, Huron Wendat Artist Teharihulen Michel Savard picks up a rifle and fires. His target: the 143 year-old Indian Act, colonial legislation that to this day governs the lives of most First Nations people. Part of the series 8th Fire.

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