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Molecular Cuisine (03:28)


Learn how home cooks and professional chefs are using chemistry techniques to create new food textures and flavors.

Food Experimentation (04:05)

Ferran Adrià has inspired an international molecular cuisine movement. Vancouver chefs entertain gala patrons with liquid nitrogen demonstrations.

Intergenetic Crosses (03:38)

The Zaiger family in California breeds and patents unique fruit varieties such as the pluot and white peach.

Creating Fruit Varieties (03:18)

It takes the Zaiger family 12-15 years to develop new genetic strains. Quality and appearance are commercial success factors.

Expanding Culinary Horizons (05:13)

Vancouver chef Frank Pabst brings underused seafood species to his menu such as jelly fish—a delicacy in Chinese cooking.

Nutritional Food Trends (02:47)

Nestle spends $2 billion on research and development for healthy ingredients.

Personalized Nutrition (01:42)

Learn how Nestle develops products tailored to specific consumer health groups.

Food Blog Movement (05:14)

Amateur restaurant critics post reviews online—boosting local businesses and creating patron networks.

Jamie Oliver's Food Movement (02:13)

Learn how the British chef built a media empire based on healthy, simple home cooking.

Jamie Oliver's Public Health Campaign (04:29)

Learn how the celebrity chef fought to improve school nutrition and brought his healthy cooking message to British communities.

Future Food Experiments (01:45)

As more people move to cities, researchers are developing vertical farming, cultivating lab grown meat, and studying eating habits.

Food Revolution Conclusion (02:00)

Over the past 50 years, cuisine has become more diverse and changed the way we eat and think about food.

Credits: Food of the Future: Part 4–Great Food revolution (01:15)

Credits: Food of the Future: Part 4–Great Food revolution

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Food of the Future: Part 4—Great Food Revolution

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What will we be eating in the next five years? Pay a visit to the assembly lines of the world’s biggest food company, the cutting-edge kitchens of “molecular gastronomists,” and laboratories where scientists cook up petri-dish steak. Provocative, edgy, and even surreal, the final part of the series ventures into the great unknown to see the future of food. Our guides are scientists, foodies, fishermen, bloggers, and one of the most popular chefs in the world, Jamie Oliver. Part of the series Great Food Revolution. (43 minutes)

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