Segments in this Video

Canada Food Trends (01:17)


Learn how nutritional guidelines and popular tastes have changed with travel and immigration.

Sushi Revolution (02:46)

Learn how Japanese immigrants in California started a North American trend; even Canadians have embraced raw fish.

Global Food Experimentation (01:31)

Montreal sushi chef Antonio Park was born in Argentina and trained in Japan. He compares culinary trends to fashion.

Michelin Star Competition (04:05)

Jean-Luc Naret launches the Hong Kong guide. Inspectors secretly visit restaurants striving for culinary perfection such as Lee Garden.

Salad in a Bag (02:07)

Learn how Earthbound Farm's invention has revolutionized health food. 15 million salads are shipped weekly.

Food TV Celebrities (03:19)

Learn how Canadian personality Ricardo Larrivée joined the ranks of food "gurus" shaping how we eat.

Aspiring Chefs (05:01)

Enrollment has doubled at a Toronto cooking school. Students test their skills under time pressure in a restaurant kitchen.

Food Photography (04:49)

Learn how presentation has increased cookbook and magazine sales. Witness food stylists work on a baking shoot.

Starting a Food Trend (05:29)

Modena, Italy is home to Balsamic vinegar. Learn how production and sales skyrocketed after Dean & Deluca popularized it in North America.

Exotic Fruits (mature content) (03:39)

A Montreal grocer discusses foreign produce trends. Food author Adam Gollner shows us the erotic Coco de Mer seed.

High Food Standards (03:01)

Culinary students test their skills in an open concept restaurant kitchen; customers are satisfied.

Hong Kong Food Success (01:22)

Lee Garden chef Tony Wong is awarded a Michelin star.

Food Revolution (01:59)

Culinary apprentice Victoria manages a restaurant kitchen for a day. Learn why North American eating habits have changed over the last 50 years.

Credits: Great Food Revolution: Part 1–Great Food Revolution (01:13)

Credits: Great Food Revolution: Part 1–Great Food Revolution

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Great Food Revolution: Part 1—Great Food Revolution

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This program finds out how in just 30 years North American diners have gone from “Yuk! I’m not eating that!” to “Guess what I ate last night!” Our penchant for the exotic has buoyed a booming global food trade and a modern food-processing industry. Yet despite all this passion for food, fewer and fewer of us can actually cook. Eating out and ordering in have become so common, we’ve almost done away with a once-sacred ritual: family dinner. Part of the series Great Food Revolution. (43 minutes)

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