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Introductions (01:27)


Hazel Henderson introduces the program and her guest, Gregory Wendt, founder of the Green Economy Think Tank and the Green Business Network.

Beyond the Old Economics (02:46)

Greg Wendt learned about sustainability with an international student organization, AIESEC, promoting economics for a better world. He talks about the benefits of peer learning at conferences.

Earth Systems Science (01:28)

Henderson discusses the purpose of Earth Systems Science to integrate all systems and their levels from global to local.

Fear Based Politics (01:52)

Greg Wendt says fear based politics in the US incites a reaction to a negative future ahead, instead of looking at the present and creating opportunities to integrate all systems in a holistic approach.

Nature's Cycles as Model for Growth (02:28)

Henderson and Wendt discuss how the cycle of growth, death and maintenance in nature is a model for the economy. Wendt cites experiments that show advantages gained by staying within system limits.

Upcycle the Gyres (01:58)

Henderson notes the damage done by overfishing with trawlers and proposed that fishermen, laid off by recent regulations, capture plastic garbage in the Pacific gyres, and turn it into electricity.

Resourcing Entrepreneurs (03:03)

Wendt talks about removing theory-induced blindness to reallocate resources to entrepreneurs. He notes the power of the crowd for innovation, policy making and funding.

Unpaid and Open Source Sectors of the Economy (01:56)

Wendt describes a model for a venture capital fund for community businesses. Henderson discusses the unpaid sector and volunteers of the open source movement that subsidize the monetary economy.

Democratizing the Economy (01:53)

Henderson cites the book "Makers: the New Industrial Revolution" by Chris Anderson. Wendt notes new movements like the maker movement that engage more people in the economy.

Hopeful Innovation Ignored by the Media (04:10)

While the failure of older systems to address new problems may lead to a future breakdown, this allows innovative ideas and new green industries to flourish.

Learning from Nature (02:25)

Wendt lists ideas of the CA Financial Opportunity Roundtable on financing job opportunities in the new economy. Taking lessons from nature and integrating all systems, the future is hopeful.

Credits: The Green Economy — A Wide Shot: Ethical Markets 5 (01:25)

Credits: The Green Economy — A Wide Shot: Ethical Markets 5

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The Green Economy—A Wide Shot: Ethical Markets 5

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0
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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Los Angeles-based asset manager Gregory Wendt, principal of Stakeholder Capital, talk about the importance of new ways of managing assets based on wider analyses beyond the failed economic and financial models which crashed in 2008. This new view is multi-disciplinary and based on whole systems analyses. Just as asset managers who invested in fossil fuels had to learn principles of geology, and are now learning about agriculture and forestry, they are now required to go beyond these disciplines toward understanding how our whole planet actually functions. Now we must learn Life’s Principles and Earth Systems Science, using the many Earth-observing satellites NASA uses to track what humans are actually doing to our planet and all its processes of using the sun’s daily flow of free photons which actually power our lives and provide our food and survival. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0.

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