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Meet Michaela Walsh (01:54)


Hazel Henderson introduces Women's World Banking founder Michaela Walsh and her book "Founding a Movement" documenting efforts to bring women into the financial world.

Female Wall Street Pioneer (04:24)

Walsh describes working for Merrill Lynch International in Beirut in the '60s, facing gender discrimination in finance, and lessons learned on the New York Stock Exchange.

Markets and Trust (01:12)

Henderson and Walsh discuss how financial trading requires personal relationships and transparency.

Founding Women's World Banking (02:54)

Walsh explains how volunteer drug education work led her to a Mexico City international development conference, where she began collaborating to help women gain financial independence.

Investing in Women Owned Businesses (01:40)

Environmental Design International CEO Deborah Sawyer describes challenges of financing a civil engineering service firm in the early '90s.

Overcoming Financial Gender Discrimination (01:45)

Walsh reflects on investing in local, women owned businesses based on trust—a strategy male traders didn't value.

Real vs. Abstract Economy (01:45)

Henderson and Walsh discuss how bankers have created compound interest as a profit mechanism that increases consumer debt.

Female Financial Development Initiative (02:34)

Walsh explains how Women's World Banking invests in local businesses, provides education and training, and supports women's cultural needs.

Rebuilding Local Banking Systems (01:35)

Henderson and Walsh discuss the disconnect between Wall Street institutions and borrowers, and how to recover market trust after the financial crisis.

Micro Lending Ethics (03:40)

Walsh talks about efforts to recover market trust, revitalize local economies, and bring a moral element to the financial system.

Credits: Building the Woman’s World Banking Movement: Ethical Markets 5 (01:03)

Credits: Building the Woman’s World Banking Movement: Ethical Markets 5

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Building the Woman’s World Banking Movement: Ethical Markets 5

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In this program, Hazel Henderson talks with founding president of Women’s World Banking Michaela Walsh about the 20-year movement she guided to bring women into the financial sector as full participants. Michaela’s story mirrors the emerging power of women in finance and all that Michaela learned along the way about the male-dominated heights of Wall Street. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0. (25 minutes)

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