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Meet David Rose (01:23)


Hazel Henderson introduces the program and her guest, David Rose, to talk about locally owned independent finance. She notes the prevalence of high-frequency computerized electronic trading.

Influence of High-Frequency Traders on Finance (01:42)

Henderson discusses how traders compete to gain the advantage of a millisecond, and debunks the arguments for price discovery and liquidity, while externalized costs are ignored.

Pioneering Alternatives (02:34)

David Rose, CEO of Unified Field Corporation, notes the need to address the whole system for sustainability and looks for incremental systems changes.

Transforming Finance (04:03)

David Rose begins with the definition of money. Henderson notes the bad attributes money has acquired. She cites the PBS show "The Money Fix," and the creation of local currencies.

Pathology of Wall Street Traders (04:12)

Awareness must proceed changes to the system. Henderson discusses the hormonal levels that promote risk-taking behavior among Wall Street traders as described in "The Hour Between Dog and Wolf."

Creating Seed Money for Community Banks (06:07)

As a non-banker, Rose attacks the obstacles to a sustainable economy as an outsider. Seed money for his bank model projects comes from Community Development Organizations.

Crowd-Funding (04:09)

Henderson talks about the democratizing system of finance of crowdfunding. Big banks try to control this new finance system as the SEC develops guidelines. Rose explains the SEC application process for an offer.

Policy of Inclusion (01:59)

Rose attacks problems from an all-inclusive perspective that uncovers opportunities for the entrenched interests to help and change.

Credits: Strengthening Locally Owned Independent Finance: Ethical Markets 5 (01:25)

Credits: Strengthening Locally Owned Independent Finance: Ethical Markets 5

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Strengthening Locally Owned Independent Finance: Ethical Markets 5

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0
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In this program, Hazel Henderson and David Rose, CEO of the Unified Field Corporation and creator of the Unified Field Bank, discuss the need to democratize finance and decentralize the field of banking, returning it to communities and neighborhoods, if we are to create more sustainable societies. This bypassing of too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks is well underway, as people shift their accounts to credit unions and trust in Wall Street markets is at an all-time low, as high-frequency computerized electronic trading takes over with up to 70% of trades on U.S. exchanges. David Rose’s firm educates local communities about all their options for building more reliable homegrown economies. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0. (28 minutes)

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