Segments in this Video

Meet Peter Lynch (02:23)


Hazel Henderson introduces solar energy investor and Salem Financial CEO Peter Lynch.

Investing in Solar Energy (00:44)

Lynch describes his faith in renewable energy for the future.

Entrenched Energy Sectors (01:38)

Henderson discusses how the fossil fuel and nuclear industries have captured 90% of subsidies, despite sustainability advantages of solar power.

Renewable Energy Political Setback (02:35)

Lynch describes investing in pioneering solar, wind and biomass companies before Washington shifted focus to fossil fuels. Henderson discusses losing 30 years of research since the '70s.

Renewable Energy Investment Challenges (00:57)

Lynch explains that fossil fuel subsidies are written into the tax code, whereas time limited renewable energy tax benefits create investor doubt.

Climate Change Denial (01:25)

Henderson and Lynch discuss declining scientific discourse and the loss of political integrity among Congress members.

Investing in Disruptive Technology (02:59)

Lynch focuses on renewable energy innovations that are cheaper than fossil fuels and don't require tax subsidies.

Increased Renewable Energy Consumption (03:03)

Henderson discusses how conventional electricity companies are being bypassed by wind and solar power consumers. Lynch gets home utility refunds for producing surplus wind power.

New Solar Technologies (03:07)

Henderson and Lynch discuss recent innovations, including solar panel coating and antenna technologies.

Greening Venture Capitalism (04:29)

Henderson talks about attracting ethical investors to renewable energy projects. Lynch outlines criteria for successful start-up companies.

Harnessing Free Photons (03:00)

Henderson and Lynch discuss investing in solar energy for a global democracy.

Credits: Financing the Green Transition to the Coming Solar Age: Ethical Markets 5 (01:03)

Credits: Financing the Green Transition to the Coming Solar Age: Ethical Markets 5

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Financing the Green Transition to the Coming Solar Age: Ethical Markets 5

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0
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In this program, Hazel Henderson and veteran solar energy investor Peter Lynch discuss the transition to the next industrial age, based on capturing free photons instead of mining our energy sources. Solar, wind and efficiency stocks are now a well-established asset class and the growing movement to divest from fossil fuels and the success of fossil-free mutual funds is accelerating the transition, despite the opposition of entrenched sectors and special interest lobbying. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0. (28 minutes)

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