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Meet Ken LaRoe (02:03)


Hazel Henderson discusses the need for financial reform and introduces First Green Bank founder Ken LaRoe.

Starting a Green Bank (02:53)

LaRoe discusses combining traditional financial skills with environmental values to found a financial institution—the FDIC’s last charter granted in Florida since 2008.

Values-Based Banking (01:26)

LaRoe tries to keep investors satisfied while maintaining an environmental mission; 10% of loans go to sustainable projects such as solar panels for homeowners.

Solar Panel Loans (02:28)

Henderson and LaRoe discuss homeowner options for installing renewable energy systems in different states.

Fossil Fuel Politics (02:19)

Henderson discusses how oil company subsidies have prevented renewable energy from succeeding in the U.S. since Jimmy Carter promoted solar power systems in the '70s.

Green Architecture Model (02:32)

LaRoe describes energy efficiency features and recycled materials in his LEED certified bank building.

Solar Power Innovation (02:06)

Henderson describes a company marketing "umbrellas" that produce electricity for electric vehicle parking lots.

Green Architecture and Health (01:37)

LaRoe describes indoor environmental quality features in his LEED certified bank building.

Political Support for Green Banking (02:25)

LaRoe's Orlando area business is endorsed by local representatives. Henderson compares climate change denial in Congress to sustainability initiatives in other countries.

Promoting Economic Sustainability (03:31)

LaRoe and Henderson discuss how to spread alternatives such as green banking, publicly owned banks, credit unions, and community development financial groups.

Bypassing Wall Street (02:51)

Henderson calls for sustainable financial alternatives to "too big to fail" banks, and commends LaRoe on his Florida green banking initiative.

Credits: Green Banking and Investing: Ethical Markets 5 (01:03)

Credits: Green Banking and Investing: Ethical Markets 5

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Green Banking and Investing: Ethical Markets 5

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0
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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Ken LaRoe, CEO of Florida-based First Green Bank, discuss how investments and loans are shifting toward green, energy-efficient LEED Certified real estate development and outpacing traditional real estate and construction. Why? Because energy-efficiency has a huge and swift payback in saving money! This was obscured by faulty economic models and fossil fuel industry lobbying. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0. (28 minutes)

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