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Stimulus vs Austerity (04:29)


Hazel Henderson discusses what we really know about our conditions on planet earth and how they are affecting us globally.

2 Myths of the Obama Stimulus (02:38)

Mike Grunwald and Hazel Henderson discuss the stimulus brought in by Obama in the face of a crashing economy.

U.S. Stimulus (04:25)

The stimulus saves us by providing a combination of tax cuts for workers and stimulus for states.

Longer Term Investments (03:23)

Investing in roads, bridges, green energy, and education reform are a few of the long term investments driving today's economy.

Examples of Stimulus Success (02:51)

Build America Bonds has financed $180 billion worth of infrastructure. The stimulus supports Homelessness Prevention and establishes help for the unemployed.

Trickle-Down Effect (02:08)

$13 trillion was put into the big banks interest free. Henderson believes that money went to other countries.

Fear in the Markets (03:54)

The government prevented rising mortgage rates rise to let the housing markets recover. Market psychology shows a future financial crisis calling for better shock absorbers and capital.

Cancellation Fee (02:31)

Republican's fighting Obama on all measures has delayed the progress.

Green Money Working Book (04:05)

Henderson discusses how money is made: it is a unit of account. You can measure dysfunction based on local currencies.

Credits: Transition to the Green Economy: Ethical Markets 5 (01:15)

Credits: Transition to the Green Economy: Ethical Markets 5

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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Michael Grunwald continue discussing how the cleaner, greener knowledge-rich technologies and companies are affecting the overall market.  The stimulus from the Obama administration trickle into many unacknowledged areas of everyday life. Listen as they discuss the successes and failures of the stimulus and compare it to the use of Austerity in other Nations. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0.

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