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Introduction: Tracking the Green Economy (02:17)


Hazel Henderson of Ethical Markets notes current economic problems and introduces her guest, Michael Grunwald, with whom she'll discuss the private transition to the Green Economy.

2009 Stimulus Bill (04:13)

Grunwald talks about his interest in tracking the money provided in the Obama Stimulus Bill for green energy. Henderson notes her book "The Politics of the Solar Age" was premature.

Surge in Renewable Energy Production (03:15)

Grunwald says the recession limited the success of tax credits for renewable energy, but the infrastructure and technology created then is responsible for the recent surge in renewable energy production.

Transition to the Solar Age (02:58)

Henderson recommended that China leapfrog into the solar age rather than retrofitting as industrialized nations are doing. Efficiency and cost effectiveness are becoming key assets to green energy.

Green Transitions Scoreboard (03:28)

Henderson notes that as the demand for fossil energy decreases, and tax payers reject financing new fossil fuel plants, public utilities will need to reconsider a green transition as is taking place in Chinese cities.

Successes and Failures (02:22)

Grunwald points out the failures and successful companies as the energy sector transitions to green energy. Henderson notes GE solar umbrellas over parking lots with electric chargers.

Private Industry Invests in Green Energy Solutions (02:07)

Henderson notes the investment of private industry in the transition, but Grunwald cites the importance of government stimulus money to jump start research and development, creating incentives for industry.

Hopeful Signs (02:49)

Henderson reiterates the missed opportunity at the U.N. Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen, but there are hopeful signs as electric vehicles, LED lights, become more popular and cost effective.

Opportunities for the Future (02:14)

The Green Transition Scoreboard allows pension fund investors to demand a shift from fossil fuel energy sectors to green energy opportunities that also deal with climate change.

Credits: Beyond Economics to Earth Systems Science: Ethical Markets 5 (01:36)

Credits: Beyond Economics to Earth Systems Science: Ethical Markets 5

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In this program, Hazel Henderson discusses with Michael Grunwald, TIME national correspondent and author of The New Deal, how narrow economic analyses led to the false choices between “stimulus” and “austerity.” This theory-induced blindness obscures the real wealth in renewable, efficient energy and materials, and how governments and markets can use wider lenses to see new opportunities to invest in healthier companies and technologies for our future. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0.

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