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Introductions (02:56)


Hazel Henderson introduces the Transforming Finance series to explore socially-responsible alternatives for investors in this time of computerized high frequency trading. She introduces her guest, Linda Crompton.

Credit Union Community Commitment (02:49)

Linda Crompton explains the community commitment of Van City Credit Union where she headed the Ethical Investment Funds Board, one of the first screened funds. Henderson notes the growth of this sector.

Screening Process (02:03)

The screening process evolved from negative screening of products and actions to become pro-active on environmental issues. Henderson recalls 'the best of the worst' screening at Calvert.

Investor Responsibility Research Center (03:32)

While acknowledging progress and divestment demands, social change is slow. Crompton headed the IRRC, formed to find objective information about South African investments, later expanded to other issues.

Proxy Shareholder Voting (01:41)

More shareholders demand the request be put on the proxy for issues like executive pay as well as social and environmental activities. Henderson notes the influence of church funds.

U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment (02:49)

Good governance of fund boards has become a greater concern following the recommendations of the U.N., the political effects of Citizen's United, and commodity speculation, raising the price of food.

Pension Fund Investing (03:23)

Pension funds, like Calpers and Calsters that demanded divestiture of gun manufacturers, are moving toward responsible investment.

Growing a Green Economy (02:53)

Henderson discusses carbon trading resulting from the 2009 U.N. Summit on Climate Change and the push for a Green Transition at the Rio + 20 Summit.

Retraining Asset Managers and Changing the Metrics (03:43)

Beyond the environment, government and social model for responsible investment, asset managers are trained to consider nature's solutions and quality of life. Current business models are not the solution.

Credits: Recognizing the Power and Purpose of Non-profits: Ethical Markets 5 (01:26)

Credits: Recognizing the Power and Purpose of Non-profits: Ethical Markets 5

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Recognizing the Power and Purpose of Non-profits: Ethical Markets 5

Part of the Series : Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0
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In this program, Hazel Henderson and Linda Crompton, consultant and ethical asset management pioneer, former president of Canada’s Citizens Bank, and CEO of BoardSource, and the Investor Responsibility Research Center (IRRC), discuss the evolution of socially-responsible investing, local homegrown economies, and how civic groups have gained power and influence as a rising “Third Sector” along with business and government. Part of the series Ethical Markets 5: Transforming Finance 3.0.

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