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Introduction: Zambia: Assessing the Millennium Development Goals (00:59)


Peadar King meets with Nelson Mandela's colleague and former Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda.

Zambia's Mineral Resources (02:19)

Peadar King travels to the copper belt to find out why the resource-rich country is so poor. In 1964, copper mining was expected to jumpstart the economy.

Few Benefits from the Lucrative Mine (02:19)

Copper mine employees are among the few able to afford a decent lifestyle. Kansanshi is the eighth largest copper mine in the world.

Share Values of Quantum Minerals (01:49)

People in the copper belt are poor and do not benefit from the mining. Policy analyst Sydney Mwansa says investors are the winners.

Revealing Audit & Mine Tour (02:11)

The public relations manager of Kansanshi responds to allegations of inflated costs and tax evasion. He welcomes an investigation and comments on rejecting a windfall tax.

Susan George Shares Outrage (00:49)

Political scientist, writer and activist George cannot believe Millennium Development Goals are necessary in a world that "has never been so rich."

HIV/AIDS in Zambia (01:54)

Each day 250 Zambians become infected. Experts use drama to encourage infection testing. Some villagers believe a positive test means instant death.

Free Testing & Counseling (01:47)

Counselor Renos Mwansa discusses testing and his own experience in living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS Awareness (02:30)

Prof. Michael Kelly says it's not the amount of sexual activity but the kind of activity that leads to so many AIDS cases in Southern African countries.

President's Son Dies of AIDS (00:44)

To a nation in denial, Kenneth Kaunda announced that his son died from the disease.

Over-Crowded High School (05:00)

Eliminating education gender inequality is a crucial objective of the Millennium Development Goals. Only 50 secondary schools service the city of Lusaka.

Paving the Way for Children (01:32)

Kenneth Kaunda stresses the importance of educating mothers to increase quality of life among its people.

Credits: Zambia: Assessing the Millennium Development Goals (00:47)

Credits: Zambia: Assessing the Millennium Development Goals

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Zambia: Assessing the Millennium Development Goals

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Kenneth Kaunda remains a dominant figure on the Zambian and African landscape. One of the first to break the silence of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, he has been an outspoken voice for Africa and has been an arch critic of the European colonial enterprise. In this program, he gives us his current assessment of the country, the continent, and of the Millennium Development Goals. Zambia remains one of the poorest countries in the world with almost two-thirds of its population living below the poverty threshold and over half in extreme poverty. (25 minutes)

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