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Software in Modern Society (00:56)


Mike Hinchey runs LERO, a Limerick software engineering research center. He explains the importance of reliable and secure software programs in machines.

Medical Software (03:24)

Medical device company Vitalograph collaborates with LERO to produce efficient, safe, and accurate software. They plan to build on Ireland's strong software development industry.

Aerospace Self-Managing Software (01:20)

LERO works with the European Space Agency to develop self-regulatory software for future missions. Hinchey discusses autonomous systems.

Credits: Highly Reliable Software Systems: The Science Squad (00:05)

Credits: Highly Reliable Software Systems: The Science Squad

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Highly Reliable Software Systems: The Science Squad

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Almost every aspect of our daily lives depends on or is regulated by software; from smartphones and iPads to major infrastructural systems such as air traffic control or security technology. Two key areas where you don’t want your software to malfunction are in medicine and in outer space! This program showcases the work of Lero, the Irish software Engineering Research Center, that is developing highly reliable software systems that are being used by the medical device sector and the European Space Agency.

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