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Malaria Threat (00:40)


Half the global population are at risk of infection; particularly children in Africa. A new vaccine is undergoing clinical trials in Oxford and Dublin.

Malaria Vaccine Research (01:52)

Professor Sam McConkey describes treating patients in Sierra Leone. His team injects malaria proteins into volunteers, triggering an immune response.

Malaria Vaccine Function (00:44)

The malaria parasite multiplies in the liver before symptoms appear. McConkey hopes to generate T cells to protect the liver.

Clinical Trial Phase I (01:42)

Irish volunteers receive a malaria vaccine. McConkey's team measures their immune responses.

Clinical Trial Phase II (01:46)

Volunteers are infected with malaria through mosquito bites. A vaccine should kill the parasite in their liver before symptoms occur.

Malaria Vaccine Outlook (01:12)

Irish medical experts predict a vaccine will be available within seven years. The public sector leads research efforts; some believe malaria can be eradicated.

Credits: Malaria—Testing a New Vaccine: The Science Squad (00:05)

Credits: Malaria—Testing a New Vaccine: The Science Squad

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Malaria—Testing a New Vaccine: The Science Squad

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Malaria kills over 1 million people each year globally. Recent attempts at a new vaccine, including Bill Gates and GlaxoSmithKline’s malaria vaccine trial, have proven unsuccessful. However, a new vaccine developed in Ireland is now undergoing clinical trials. In this Science Squad episode, we meet researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and in Oxford testing whether the vaccine produces an immunological response to malaria in the body.

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