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MACSI (01:14)


Groups of applied mathematicians work with scientists and engineers to solve real world problems.

Balancing Blood Use & Demand (01:38)

Dr. Hilary O'Leary explains the importance of an O negative blood supply and how she was able to reduce stored supplies with the help of MACSI.

Workshops (01:24)

Hear how a MACSI student translates a problem into an equation. A variety of mathematicians come together to solve problems.

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Using Mathematics to Address Real-World Problems—The Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry's Workshop: The Science Squad

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In this Science Squad episode, Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain attends a workshop where industry leaders such as Diageo and Dell bring their technical problems to be solved by mathematicians from all over Europe.  Aoibhinn investigates real-life hospital problems and finds out how the workshop has improved the management and distribution of blood supplies in the Limerick area.

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