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Female Suicide Bombers (02:10)


Ex-CIA agent, Bob Baer, tries to understand why Palestinian women become suicide bombers. The Haifa police describe the bombing by a young Palestinian lawyer, Hanadi Jaradat, who left a video will.

The Jenin Massacre, 2002 (01:58)

In 2002, Hanadi's village, Jenin, suffered a massacre by the Israeli Army. Posters of honored suicide bombers line Jenin's streets.

Official Martyr Certificates (02:54)

Hanadi's father displays her martyr certificates and portraits of her brother and fiance, killed by an Israeli hit squad. Her imprisoned cousin, Sami Jaradat, helped Hanadi become a suicide bomber.

Lure of Revenge and Martyrdom (05:35)

Baer visits failed female suicide bombers in jail. Wafa al-Biss was caught at the Erez checkpoint before accomplishing her goal to blow up an Israeli hospital.

Martyrdom Fame (01:43)

Wafa al-Bliss became a suicide bomber for the fame offered and the promise of becoming queen of the virgins in Paradise.

Suicide Recruiters (03:24)

Wafa al-Bliss came from Gaza where desperate conditions motivate suicide bombers, but female bombers are rare. Baer talks with Wafa's recruiters.

Wafa's Burning Accident (09:15)

Wafa al-Bliss's family talks about its efforts to keep her from martyring herself. She suffered burns in a kitchen fire and was treated in an Israeli hospital, the hospital she intended to blow up.

Imprisoned Mother Sees Her Children (05:13)

A young mother, Kahira Sa'adi, serving three consecutive life sentences in jail, has an emotional visit from her children.

Bombing at Jerusalem's Center (03:39)

Kahira was arrested as an accomplice to a suicide bomber in Jerusalem, 2002. She describes the suppressive conditions and deaths of relatives in Jenin.

A Westernized Martyr (04:19)

Kahira did not wear the veil before the operation and was raised by a French woman in an orphanage. Baer talks with Kahira's former husband and tries to understand Kahira's motivations.

Victims of Society and Poor Choices (04:08)

Baer talks with Marlene, Kahira's French surrogate mother, who believes her motives were rehabilitation and money for the family. Hanadi Jaradat is depicted as a hero, but the women in prison are victims.

The Suicide Vest (02:48)

Some women in HaSharon Prison recruited others as suicide bombers. Manal Sabana recruited fellow students at the university and gave them suicide vests.

Dishonor in the Exploded Female Body (02:40)

Ayat Kmeil's dream of being the most deadly female bomber ended with her arrest. Ayat's family approved suicide bombing, but not for women. Her mother felt it defiled her body.

The Increase of Female Suicide Bombers (01:30)

Arab honor prevents more female bombers, but some like Kahira and Wafa want to regain honor, achieve fame, or like Hanadi, exact revenge. Female suicide bombers are spreading across the world.

Credits: Women: The Cult of the Suicide Bomber II (00:28)

Credits: Women: The Cult of the Suicide Bomber II

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Former CIA agent, Bob Baer, confronts the deadly actions of Palestinian female suicide bombers in Israel. He visits failed female suicide bombers and families of suicide bombers to explore their motivations and attitudes and questions their recruiters and families. (48 minutes)

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