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Agnes Sampson (02:53)


More than 40,000 people in Europe were put to death for being witches. In 1590, a Scottish midwife was accused of plotting the death of King James.

Pact with the Devil (02:59)

In the 16th century, witches were thought to be ordinary woman who had been tempted by the devil. Sex with this evil creature sealed the deal.

Witch's Arsenal (02:01)

Sex with the devil would transform normal women into witches. Simple household items were turned into tools for evil.

Witch's Sabbaths (05:05)

Witches were believed to combine forces. A recreation with actors shows what these ceremonies were thought to involve. Christian religious festivals would be inverted.

Business of Supernatural Solutions (03:57)

The Tudor obsession with witchcraft grew out of a belief of magic. People tried to make sense out of chaos.

Modern Day Superstition (02:56)

Science students demonstrate that many people subconsciously believe in the power of magic. Participants refuse to damage images of loved ones.

Witchcraft Epidemic Spreads (02:23)

Academics attempted to give intellectual credibility to supernatural beliefs. The printing press helped spread theories. Men believed women were subject to sex with the devil.

Magic Ingrained in Society (03:46)

The church and monarchs wanted to show how they were protecting people from witches. James VI enforced laws against witchcraft.

Ordeal by Water (02:54)

Witches looked normal but could be identified through special tests that could be used as evidence in court.

Devil's Mark (02:43)

Many types of blemishes could have been used as proof of witchcraft. Sampson was found to have such a mark.

Witch Containment (03:18)

A professor explains how people from the 16th and 17th centuries persecuted and prosecuted witches without being harmed.

Witch Interrogation (04:34)

Barbaric torture was used to make witches confess. Prosecutors had to protect themselves from evil power. James VI oversaw the use of torture over Sampson.

Power of Witch Confessions (03:35)

Torture was used to elicit names from witches. Prosecutors also wanted information about witchcraft. Sampson was found guilty and executed.

End of Witch Persecution (01:26)

Witchcraft ceased to be a criminal offense in Britain in 1735. More than 40,000 people across Europe had already been executed.

On the Next Episode... (00:25)

Watch a preview of the upcoming episode of "Gods and Monsters" about gods.

Credits: Gods: Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters (00:44)

Credits: Gods: Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters

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Tony Robinson recreates the evil spells and dark rituals of medieval witchcraft. He learns how to identify, arrest and torture a witch in his quest to discover why, in the 16th and 17th centuries, our ancestors were so terrified of black magic that they executed more than 40,000 supposed witches.

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