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Celtic Gods (03:13)


Celts were farmers and hunters at the mercy of nature. They begged the gods to help them survive.

Object and Human Sacrifice (02:23)

Pagan Celts hoped that they key to taming nature was to keep the gods happy through business like contracts.

Reasons for Sacrifice (02:46)

A farming crisis would have led to a human sacrifice. Learn how pagan Celts would have chosen a human sacrifice.

Human Sacrifice Reenactment (03:33)

Learn how pagan Celts performed human sacrifices designed to appeal to different gods. Bog bodies have been recovered by archaeologists,

Wicker Man (05:12)

Pagan Celts used this structure was used for mass ritual structure. Volunteering to be burned alive was an act of religious devotion. The Celts were defeated by the Romans.

Political Role of Roman Deities (03:10)

Romans brought a new religion to the Celts. Gods took human form through statues. Local people were used to represent gods.

Foundations of Christianity (02:08)

Followers of Jesus spread his message of a spiritual faith. Pagans adapted in an attempt to halt the spread of monotheism.

Competition with Christianity (02:41)

British paganism offered its followers some of the benefits of monotheism. Mystery cults were sects devoted to individual deities. Castration was part of initiation.

Goddess of Nature and Fertility (04:24)

A historian explains why castration was part of joining a mystery cult that worshiped Cybele.

Supremacy of Christianity (01:50)

Emperors Constantine and Augustus played roles in ensuring Christianity would become the official religion of the Roman empire.

God of War (02:58)

Vikings brought new pagan deities to Britain. The heathen religion was dedicated to winning battles. Devoted followers of Othen were known as berserkers.

Viking Berserkers (01:56)

A Nordic historian transforms rugby players into followers of Othen the God of War.

Sacrifice to God of War (03:26)

Vikings transformed foes into offerings to Othen by removing their lungs. Victims died from the trauma of being butchered alive.

Berserker Reenactment (05:32)

A rugby team displays how the Viking's religious fervor manifested itself in battle. The Hall of the Dead at Valhalla was heaven for pagans.

Credits: Gods: Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters (00:43)

Credits: Gods: Tony Robinson's Gods and Monsters

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Tony Robinson confronts Viking berserkers, recreates the flaming horror of the Wicker Man, re-enacts a brutal ritual human sacrifice, and witnesses self-mutilation demanded – all in his quest to understand how our ancestors worshiped.

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