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Siege of Sevastopol (02:10)


Eight months after the war began; British and French forces had failed to take Sevastopol and were demoralized. Leo Tolstoy's account reveals Russian troops were comfortable behind the front line.

Azov Campaign (02:47)

Russia's control over the Sea of Azov maintained supplies to Sevastopol. Learn how British and French naval forces took the Straits of Kerch.

Preparing to take Sevastopol (02:14)

Learn the allied strategy for taking the besieged city and hear Roger Fenton's description of photographing British and French officers.

Battle of Sevastopol (05:09)

Hear British accounts of the July 18, 1855 assault on the Russian city, including a coordination failure with French forces that resulted in unnecessary casualties. Battlefield sketches were published in the U.K.

Sevastopol Aftermath (04:05)

Hear British accounts of the failed assault and subsequent camp cholera epidemic. Raglan admitted his strategic mistake before succumbing to the disease.

Sveaborg Victory (04:12)

Learn how the allied fleet bombarded Russian fortifications in the Gulf of Finland in June 1855, threatening St. Petersburg and lowering Russian morale.

Mary Seacole (02:21)

Learn how the Jamaican field nurse boosted British morale during the Crimean War.

Battle of Chernaya (06:54)

Allied troops continued shelling Sevastopol during summer 1855. Facing defeat, Russian commanders planned a final attack; hear accounts of devastation from both sides.

Fall of Sevastopol (07:03)

Learn details of the final allied attack and pontoon bridge allowing Russian citizens to evacuate. British tourists came to witness the spectacle; although French troops won at Malakoff the British retreated from Redan.

Sebastopol Evacuation (03:51)

Learn how Russian forces destroyed the city as they left and hear British victory accounts. Allied engineers destroyed the shipyards, crippling the Russian Navy.

End of Crimean War (01:18)

After Sebastopol, the British considered taking St. Petersburg but winter approached. Austria threatened to intervene and Russia was forced to surrender in 1856.

Crimean War Outcome (04:00)

Learn the affect of Russia's defeat on the British, French and Ottoman empires. The Tzar learned the importance of a modernized, industrial state and abolished serfdom.

Crimean War Veterans (01:13)

View early film footage of Russian, French and British soldiers that lived to see European empires fall.

Credits: War and Peace: The Crimean War (00:37)

Credits: War and Peace: The Crimean War

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The Crimean War (October 1853 - February 1856) was part of a long-running contest between major European powers for influence over the declining Ottoman Empire's territories. Considered one of the first "modern" wars, written reports and photographs kept the British public informed of the day-to-day battlefield realities for the first time. This series uses firsthand British, French, and Russian accounts to describe the military and logistical incompetence, combat events, and disease characterizing the conflict. Part three covers the Siege and Fall of Sevastopol, the Azov Campaign, the Sveaborg Attack, Mary Seacole, the Battle of Chernaya, Russian defeat, and the war’s outcome. (51 minutes)

Length: 51 minutes

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