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Dublin, Ireland (03:24)


Eric Campbell joins locals in trying horse meat at the Temple Bar Food Market. In January, the Irish found that meat labeled beef contained horse.

Horse Meat Fraud (02:42)

F.S.A. member Alan Reilly discusses finding a product that contained 1/3 horse DNA during a random test that lead to further horse meat confirmations across Europe; 26 countries are involved.

Horse Meat Scandal (01:56)

Stephen Philpot recalls Irish horses disappearing en mass in Northern Ireland; see video.

Horse Syndicates (01:59)

Horses were the first to go during Ireland's economic fallout in 2007. John Seery is horrified to think he may have eaten horsemeat.

Northern Ireland Horse Disappearances (03:02)

The USPCA discovered a handful of the same people bought large quantities or horses. Veterinarian Joe Collins discusses the illegal transportation of horses bound for slaughter.

Beating the System (01:41)

Stephen Philpott discusses the ease with which buyers were able to illegally transport horses for slaughter. The USPCA's informant, Green Grass, reveals how he beat the system.

Valueless Irish Horses? (04:26)

The USPCA began a full-scale surveillance operation of horse laden trucks. See footage of an English abattoir. Vacant land is home to many abandoned horses. (Graphic images)

Horse Rescue (01:59)

Hilary Robinson is shocked by Ireland's failure to enforce the horse passport system; see some of her rescues.

Fighting Blatant Fraud (02:04)

Alan Reilly states that manufacturers have been drip-feeding horse meat into the food chain at consumer expense. Stephen Philpott shares his feelings about the regulations and passport system.

Bound for the Racetrack (01:45)

Paddy Jack discusses keeping a horse bound for slaughter; see the horse race.

Credits: Ireland: Race to the Bottom (00:29)

Credits: Ireland: Race to the Bottom

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In horse-loving Ireland, many people were outraged to find horse-meat in their beef products. While some do not mind eating horse meat, as long as it is labeled properly, others are horrified by the idea. Eric Campbell takes us on a journey that enters the dark world of criminal horse harvesting and reveals startling discoveries in the science lab. Viewer discretion is advised. (26 minutes)

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