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Shady Chocolate Introduction (01:17)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of trafficking and child slavery in the chocolate industry and the industry's promise that the conditions have improved.

Nestlé Headquarters (03:03)

Miki Mistrati recaps his last visit in Switzerland. He meets with Executive V.P. Jose Lopez who assures Mistrati that the conditions have improved. Mistrati wants to see proof on the Ivory Coast.

Investigating Industry Projects (02:07)

Ange Aboa states that chocolate companies on the Ivory Coast are not fulfilling their promises. Miki Mistrati meets Aboa in Ghana; Aboa will film company practices.

Ghana Produces 25% of the World's Cocoa (02:17)

Miki Mistrati visits a cooperative in Nankese. Sourcetrust wants to abolish child labor; see a farmer training session. Mistrati visits a random cocoa farmer.

Chocolate Industry School Project (03:36)

Ange Aboa visits a school partially funded by ICI. See an ICI advertisement. The school remains unfinished; the existing buildings are financed by villagers.

Unfinished School (02:49)

Children clear the school grounds. While interviewing the director, a child gets hurt by his machete; the camera crew takes him to a local hospital.

Nankese Cocoa Farm (04:29)

Sourcetrust believes they have a method to avoid child labor. Miki Mistrati visits a storage room. He asks Sourcetrust to track a farmer from random bags of cocoa; they cannot locate a file.

Campement Paul School (03:27)

Ange Aboa visits the project that the chocolate industry claims to be its biggest success. The school director describes unfulfilled promises and a student discusses the conditions,

Campement Paul Village (02:00)

Chief Guy Gheoué recalls ICI's request to send all of the children to school. Children work in the fields because of the lack of classrooms. Ange Aboa finds more failed school projects.

Identifying Cocoa Farmers (01:38)

Miki Mistrati visits a second Sourcetrust office to locate a farmer. He wonders if Sourcetrust's system is sufficient enough to ensure safe cocoa

Meagui Farmer Field Schools (02:46)

Field schools aim to certify farmers so they can produce cocoa without illegal child labor. Ange Aboa visits a school run by Cargill and UTZ; he finds boys from another district in the fields on a school day.

Farmer Field School Run by Mars, ICI, and Rainforest Alliance (04:02)

Ange Aboa finds several children harvesting cocoa beans in the field. The boys discuss what they were taught by the field school and why they are not in school.

Industry Accountability (04:38)

Nestlé, ICI, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ representatives speak with Miki Mistrati about the footage and information he obtained on the field farms and schools in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Industry Accountability: II (04:06)

Nestlé, ICI, Rainforest Alliance, and UTZ representatives discuss Miki Mistrati's footage he obtained in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

Unsuccessful Projects (02:02)

The ICI Executive Director sends a letter explaining why the 2009 school project was never finished. Mars and Cargill declined to view and comment on Miki Mistrati's footage.

Credits: Shady Chocolate Business (00:26)

Credits: Shady Chocolate Business

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Investigative journalist Miki Mistrati stands outside Nestlé headquarters in Switzerland. Behind him visual evidence of trafficking and child slavery in the chocolate industry is shown on a huge mobile screen. Since these revelations were shown to consumers all over the world, the chocolate industry is now making statements on its websites and in the press. The spokesperson for the entire industry, Joanna Scott, asserts that the world’s biggest companies spend millions of dollars helping the children on the plantations to better lives--that more than 40 programs of education, the building of schools, hospital construction etc. are in operation in the Ivory Coast. But is this true? Miki goes to the Ivory Coast and Ghana and carries out a reality check only to discover that the truth is worse than expected. (45 minutes)

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