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Sense of Self (01:11)


We are genetically hardwired to change as we hit puberty. Learn five things that begin to emerge.

Body Image (01:35)

Sexuality and who you are attracted to is about what feels good to you. Learn the meaning of body image; the things that influence the way you look; and consequences of constant body image focus.

Gender Roles (01:42)

The media often creates stereotypes for masculine and feminine traits. Gender identity is about self-expression. Prejudice and fear towards sexuality has harmful consequences.

Gender Roles and Expectations (00:48)

Stereotypical roles of male and female often encourage outdated behavior. A gender role is not the same thing as biological gender.

Gender Roles and Expectations: Exploring Identity (03:35)

Learn the three sexual orientations; they are not always a fixed thing. Figuring out the difference between sexual and non-sexual feelings and revealing your sexual orientation to others can be difficult.

Sexual Practices and Sexuality (01:33)

Sex is never an obligation. Being pressured to do something is a sign of disrespect. Learn why it is important to practice safe sex; remember that sex is a choice; learn the age of consent.

Sex- My Rights and Responsibilities (05:56)

Learn your rights and responsibilities regarding sexual identity and intimate relationships. Respect is the foundation of any healthy sexual relationship.

Credits: Sexual Identity (00:42)

Credits: Sexual Identity

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Sexual Identity

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This program addresses the changes youth undergo as their sexuality and sexual identity develop during adolescence. The first half of the program discusses the complex nature of personal identity, gender, and sexual orientation. The second half looks at ways in which viewers can make informed, responsible choices about sex and examines key elements of healthy relationships like respect and open communication. Ideal for junior to middle high health and guidance studies, the clever animated sequences and engaging, relatable young presenter are well suited for this audience. Above all, the program promotes the acceptance of diversity and highlights the importance of making decisions that are best for your health and well being. (18 minutes)

Length: 18 minutes

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