Segments in this Video

Love...I Knew I was in Love (05:24)


Harold Mays, Chely Wright, Ebone Bell, Lt. Stephan Thorne, Wayne Turner, Simiirah Ruhomutally, and Ashley Eney discuss falling in love and exploring love with a same sex partner.

Homosexual... a Word for It (05:29)

Andy Cohen, Rev. Peter Gomes, Dr. Pat Hawkins, Becky Kanis, Kate Clinton, Armistead Maupin, Mike Hartman, and Lt. Stephan Thorne discuss confronting their sexuality

Came Out... to Have a Real Life (05:06)

Rev. Peter Gomes, Chely Wright, Dr. Dana Beyer, Becky Kanis, and Kate Clinton discuss revealing their sexual orientation to family and friends.

Freedom...When I Came Out (05:08)

Rev. Peter Gomes, Richie Ruperto, Kate Clinton, Chely Wright, Connie Kurtz, Ruthie Berman, and Dr. Dana Beyer discuss how they feel after having revealed their sexuality.

They Fight You...Then You Win (05:12)

Urvashi Vaid, Harold Herman, Dr. Pat Hawkins, Robyn Ochs, James Hormell, Harold Mays discuss the prevailing attitudes toward gays and lesbians in the 1950-60s and going underground.

They Fight You...Then You Win: Attitudes (04:27)

Urvashi Vaid, Connie Kurtz, Harold Herman, Harold Mays, and Ruthie Berman discuss changing attitudes as a result of the Women's Movement, gay pride parades, and the Stonewall riots.

Death...the Destroyer of Worlds (04:47)

Armistead Maupin, Andy Cohen, Wayne Turner, Dr. Pat Hawkins, and Steve Michael discuss the epidemic of "gay cancer" in the 1980s and HIV testing.

Death...the Destroyer of Worlds: Support (02:54)

Armistead Maupin and Dr. Pat Hawkins reflect on the number of AIDS deaths, supporting the gay community, and the changes that occurred because of tragedy.

Death...the Destroyer of Worlds: HIV (01:10)

PJ Serrano discusses his approach to his HIV diagnosis.

Change the World... (05:35)

Lt. Stephan Thorne, Ebone Bell, Connie Kurtz, Ruthie Berman, Robyn Ochs discuss the importance of working in the community, garnering acceptance, and gay and lesbian rights.

Change the World...Life Partners (04:56)

Armistead Maupin, Connie Kurtz, Ruthie Berman, Harold Mays, Harold Herman, Simiirah Ruhomutally, Ashley Eney, Richie Ruperto, Andy Cohen, and Ebone Bell express their joy with their partner.

Change the World...Marriage (03:21)

Rev. Peter Gomes, Robyn Ochs, Harold Herman, and Harold Mays discuss choosing a life partner and getting married.

Credits: Out in America (01:47)

Credits: Out in America

Bonus Footage (06:41)

Andy Cohen reads from a journal that he wrote in 1988; he shared the passage with those that he came out to.

Bonus Footage: Harold & Harold (02:15)

Harold Herman and Harold Mays discuss love and happiness.

Bonus Footage: Police Harassment in the 60s (03:32)

Harold Mays and Harold Herman discuss Mays' arrest for being gay and police harassment of the gay community.

Bonus Footage: Lesbian in the Military (02:08)

Becky Kanis discusses the "closet at West Point."

Bonus Footage: Love (01:50)

Becky Kanis discusses flirting and falling in love while at West Point.

Bonus Footage: Love in San Francisco (05:39)

Armistead Maupin discusses moving to San Francisco in 1971 where he went looking for love and opposition to marriage equality.

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This critically acclaimed PBS documentary is an uplifting collection of unique, transformative stories and inspiring personal narratives told through the lens of the country's most prominent LGBT figures and pioneers, as well as many average, yet extraordinary, citizens from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities. The program weaves together diverse stories— from urban and rural America, from the heartland to New England, from San Francisco to Harlem. Deeply moving and often humorous, viewers will get a glimpse of awakenings, first crushes, unlikely soul mates, intimacy, and liberation. While separated by circumstance and upbringing, the film's subjects are all united in their shared experiences of self-discovery, coming out, pride and love as well as a triumph over adversity and a true sense of belonging. Against the backdrop of historical events, each also traces their own hopes, struggles, influences and contributions towards advancements in equality and broad social change. (79 minutes)

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