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Diabetes, a Silent Killer (01:32)


Peter, Elke, Horst, and Eric all suffer from diabetes. Learn some of the challenges they are facing.

Heart and Diabetes Center, Bad Oeynhausen (02:45)

Horst walks to relieve the pain in his feet. He discusses his eating habits. Foot ulcers plague diabetic patients, causing severe pain and often amputation. (Graphic images)

Metabolic and Vascular Disorder (02:54)

Approximately 9 million people in Germany knowingly suffer from diabetes. Doctors believe a blocked artery is causing Horst's complications.

Juvenile Diabetes (02:51)

Eric was diagnosed with diabetes at age six; his body cannot make insulin. He regularly checks his blood sugar levels and learns to self-inject insulin.

Type I Diabetes Always Starts Early (01:38)

Stephan has check-ups every three months at the Heart and Diabetes Center; his blood vessels and eye arteries are healthy.

Type II Diabetes (03:02)

A genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle led to the Elke developing diabetes. She discusses her personal responsibility and struggle to manage the disease.

Blocked Artery (02:06)

Horst's current physical challenges could have been avoided. Horst undergoes surgery to remove blockages.

Sugar Affects Arteries (02:16)

Peter has a dangerous infection and a severely blocked artery in his lower leg. Peter is having half of his left foot amputated; he takes responsibility for his condition. (Graphic images)

Diabetes Patients Largely Control Prognosis (02:11)

Many patients in the diabetes center play down their illness for a long time. Doctors want to make the dangers very real; education and motivation are important. Horst ignored his disease.

Managing Diabetes (03:00)

Learning to prepare tasty meals, portion control, and craving management is important. Elke struggles with moderation and cravings; she considers surgery.

Horst's Prognosis (02:56)

Horst is scared about possible future complications of his diabetes. Part of his toe is amputated to help save his foot.

Danger of Hypoglycemia (03:20)

Insulin and exercise cause blood sugar levels to drop. Eric visits the Heart and Diabetes Center every three months. He meets Stephan and learns about his insulin pump.

Battling Insulin Resistance (02:23)

Elke has a gastric ballooning surgery to help her lose weight and lower her blood sugar levels.

Surgical Study at University Clinic, Heidelberg (03:47)

Doctors perform an intestinal loop to eliminate the stomach from food digestion and increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. (Graphic images)

Fighting Diabetes Complications (02:26)

Horst's ulcer did not heal and he has artery bypass surgery on his left leg.

Patient Reviews (02:42)

Peter receives a shoe for his half amputated foot. Stephan and Eric have good chances of avoiding major diabetic complications. Elke has lost 11 pounds since her surgery. Horst's toe will be amputated.

Credits: Diabetes: The Underestimated Threat – The Big 4: Fighting Modern Diseases (00:46)

Credits: Diabetes: The Underestimated Threat – The Big 4: Fighting Modern Diseases

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Diabetes: The Underestimated Threat—The Big 4: Fighting Modern Diseases

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The most common diseases in our society today, cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease and diabetes, are a concern for everyone. And yet, those who are diagnosed with them often feel helpless as they search for answers in a muddle of conflicting information. What can high-tech medicine do and not do? Are the latest therapies always the best ones? Where have the real successes been achieved in the battle against illness? (43 minutes)

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