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Wood Product Diversity (02:13)


In addition to furniture, fuel, and textiles, the material is used in modern architecture and construction in Europe.

Murau Wood Architecture (01:37)

View a modern cafe, tourist office, architect's home, and restaurant built with high tech wood materials in an Austrian village.

Cross Lamination (03:05)

Learn how a new technology uses wood as a prefabricated construction material and view the process of transforming architectural drawings into finished pieces.

Wood High Rises (02:06)

View planned residential and office buildings in London and Austria, including a 100-meter observation tower in Carinthia.

Wood Textiles (08:59)

Austria's Lenzing Group developed a new fiber made from cellulose. View the environmentally friendly cloth production process and learn household uses for byproducts.

Tree Production (04:17)

Learn how an Austrian company grows seedlings in a streamlined process and view reforestation projects.

Wood Energy Sources (03:43)

A biomass facility in Austria supplies electricity and district heating. Learn how synthetic gas is being developed; the wood industry generates more for Austria's economy than tourism.

Institute of Wood Science and Technology (04:12)

Austrian researchers are developing bicycle wheels, foam, insulation, nano cellulose, adhesive, and other wood innovations.

Wood Plastic Composites (03:59)

Learn practical and industrial applications for an innovative material and view the production process.

Wood Design Innovations (01:19)

The Austrian wood industry is developing technologies to produce architectural models and interior decoration elements.

Wood and Health (02:22)

An Austrian study has found that wood classroom interiors have positive physiological effects on children.

Sawmill Innovations (02:38)

An Austrian wood processing plant uses computerized systems to knit together lumber, creating materials for large building projects such as opera houses and skyscrapers.

Large Scale Wood Structures (03:17)

Despite domestic production, Austrian regulations limit timber construction. Exceptions include the Salzburg Arena dome, a shopping center and a forest observation center—reflecting the material’s modern applications.

Credits: Wonder Wood (00:29)

Credits: Wonder Wood

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Homes, clothing items, cosmetic wipes, instruments, motor fuel, toys, sweeteners, paper, and heating fuel can all be made from wood. Ever more surprising discoveries are being made as wood has boomed over the past few years as a highly sought-after means of moving away from the fossil fuel age. This film presents Austrian innovations that have attracted international interest. (44 minutes)

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